10 Advanced Countries in the World

The ten most technologically advanced countries in the world have integrated their scientific advancements into their society, making life easier for all of their citizens and increasing all of their productivity. Whether this means trains will be faster and safer, that weather can be predicted more precisely, or that hospitals are better equipped, technology improves the overall quality of life. Check out the list of ten most technologically advanced countries in the world.

1. Finland

Its researchers have managed to position themselves amongst the most advanced in fields such as the environment, forest improvement, low temperature physics, biotechnology and communications by developing incredible new technology.

2. Australia

It has a lot to offer in the field of technology. The huge focus of Australia on research and development in mining, biotechnology and the food industry are already paying a lot.

3. Sweden

About four percent of GDP goes into research in Sweden, making the way for innovation and making it a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. It is one of the most advanced countries of the world.

4. China

One of the bigger surprises in the list is China, which has managed to stand out a strong position in the technology industry. When it developed gunpowder for example, it is just now reclaiming its spot as a technologically advanced nation.

5. Netherlands

Netherlands has always been famous for its scientific research and developments in the field of technology. They are currently focusing on engineering, military technology and aerospace.

6. Canada

Canada is not just technologically advanced, but moved in just about every field it has tried. Its diverse economy, highly educated population and responsible government, create a great environment for technology to grow.

7. United Kingdom

It has been developing advanced technology since the Industrial Age. It is a fact that this is where industrialization began, but there are few areas in which the British have not improved technologically.

8. USA

Considering that it is responsible for putting a man on the moon, developing the first atom bomb and so many other radical innovations. It is naturally a leader in the technology industry.

9. Singapore

Singapore is not only extremely wealthy, but also very advanced. Always used its money for good use, Singapore dedicates large portions of its GDP to research and development, especially in the fields of medicine, food and military.

10. Japan

Japan has made terrific contributions to the world in the fields of robotics, electronics, automobiles, metals, and earthquake engineering. With 13 Nobel Prize laureates and a USD 130 billion research budget.

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