10 Beautiful Wedding Destinations

Rolling hills, sun-kissed beaches, greenery all over, rainfall, vibrant wildlife, exotic marine life, warm people, vibrant culture and many more features of various locations makes you want to do your wedding over there. But you can not do a wedding at all these locations at one time. So here is a list of sites which are best for a destination wedding.

1. Jamaica

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You genuinely have no idea of the immense beauty of Jamaica. It is a speck in the middle of the Caribbean sea, but its size did not come in between its beauty at all. Its as beautiful as any place could be. Visiting there could be as thrilling as anyone could even imagine.

2. Bali

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Serenity and tranquility describe the real beauty of Bali. It is an Indonesian tropical area that will grant you a fantastic experience. The vibrant culture and beautiful marine life make Bali a prevalent location for a destination wedding.

3. Greece

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What incredible beauty and mystery Greece holds within itself! It is one of the most populated areas for a destination wedding. Almost every couple love to include Greece as one of the locations in their location wedding. Architectural wonders and beaches will take you to breathe away.

4. Costa Rica

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Rugged mountains, waterfalls, beaches create a fantastic landscape at Costa Rica. If you are a nature lover than Costa Rica should be included in your destination wedding.

5. Hawaii

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Gorgeous scenery and laid back culture are what is Hawaii famous more, apart from many other things as well. It is an ideal destination for Americans who do not want to travel far for their destination wedding. They could go to Hawaii and get astounded by its wonders.

6. Dominican Republic

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Ethereal landscape, white sand beaches, and crystal blue water add more beauty to this place. Endless stretches of white beaches are just amazing places for even your wedding photo-shoot.

7. Italy

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Italians are passionate, adventurous, and vibrant. So is their country. It is home of most historical cities in the world. So, if you are a history lover, then Italy is your place. Their food and the romantic environment will sweep you off your feet.

8. Thailand

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The heartbeat of Asia! Its rich culture and tradition have always been a very appealing aspect. Moreover, there are many wedding venues; you can easily select where you want to create a romantic wedding.

9. Zanzibar

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Lush vegetation, vibrant history, fantastic wildlife has added more spark to this place. This place is truly a piece of Paradise because its location is so explicit. The presence of small as well as large islands has made it even beautiful. Stone Town over there, is one of the best places to create your wedding over there.

10. Seychelles

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Beauty and vibrancy of this place are just unquestionable. The islands of this place are also called ‘islands of love.’ You can create your dream wedding on their beautiful beaches.

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