10 Best Massage Chairs

The fast moving life has snatched many things from us. Exercise, an important part of life is no more the routine task of the most of the people. Everyone needs some time for some relax. That’s why the need of massage center is increasing day by day. But why one should pay a heavy amount every week to get some relief. There are massage machines and chairs that can be used for this purpose. It is an onetime investment and take massage whenever you wished for it. Following is the list of 10 best massage chairs in 2015.

1. Sogno DreamWave

Sogno DreamWave is the best massage chair by Inada. If you are looking for a chair that is capable of doing full body massage in Japanese style than Sogno DreamWave is that chair. It combines shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering ingenuity fir an unparalleled full-body massage completely molded to your body. This massage chair is proven to help in getting relief and removing every kind of tension and stiffness.

2. Avilla II Portable Massage Chair

Avilla II is another advanced massage chair that is adjustable and portable massage chair. The whole chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support by distributing the weight on whole part of the chair. Total weight of the Avilla II is 22 lbs abd it can support working weight up to 350 lbs. Completely adjustable professional massage chair that includes three quick levers to adjust the massage chair for everyone from children to a fat person up to 350 lbs.

3. Infinity IT-9800

Infinity IT-9800 is an amazing reclining massage chair. One of the best inversion therapy massage chairs in the market. It helps your body to recover from effects of gravity and daily activities. Eight therapeutic recline technologies that are most important factor in a massage chair are the part of this chair that includes: zero gravity; inversion; lumbar stretch; v-stretch, bed position; leg recliner; back recliner; and rocking motion. Infinity IT-9800 includes complete range of massage functions.

4. Luraco Massage Chair iRobotics 6S

Luraco Massage Chair iRobotics 6S is an advanced and full body massage chair that maintain the blood flow of your body especially of troubled areas and relax your body through its advanced body-stretching techniques. This chair is especially designed for patient who needs a medical treatment. Features includes: flat screen remote control; six automatic programs; voice response in four international languages; shoulder massager; in-depth control of massage, etc.

5. SMK92

SMK92 is the marvelous project of Fujita. It is the name of advanced functions, like having a massage therapist in your home. If you want a 4D real massage technology chair than SMK92 is to fulfill that demand. 4D technology of SMK92 make it capable of protruding up to 9 cm and provide a deep tissue massage to loosen the tensions. A chair that provides effective massage for each group of individual and delivers an optimal and customized massage experience.

6. Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity

Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity is a massage chair made on the massage experience of Japan. Osaki focus on the upper and lower body including shoulders and feet and provides a unique type of massage. Six massage styles are includes in one Osaki 4000 that are shiatsu, rolling, kneading, clapping, combo, and Swedish. Other technologies includes: zero gravity design; six auto programs; LCD display; auto timer; wireless mini-controller; lower back therapy, etc.

7. Oakworks Portal Pro Massage Chair

Oakworks Portal Pro Massage Chair is the name of superior ergonomic engineering technology. A smart investment to release your tension and massage your whole body from head to feet. This is a portable massage chair and you can use it anywhere and anytime. Oakworks provides comfort for any age person with little adjustments. Total weight of this massage chair is 19 lbs and it can support the operating weight up to 350 lbs.

8. Leisure Recliner Comfort

Leisure Recliner Comfort is another massage chair that comes with two services, massage and heat. Product is made of advanced technologies and top quality leather. Features includes: nine massage types and five intensity levels; heat treatment; eight vibration massage motors for upper, back, thighs, calves and mid back; recline tension adjustment; rolled tubular steel frame, etc.

9. Omega Massage MP-1 Montage Premier

Omega Massage MP-1 is a massage chair to relieve the body and relax the mind. Omega is made of air massage technology and heat therapy that helps in decompressing of joints with the help of zero-gravity mechanism. An American design massage chair that includes five automatic program: relaxation; activation; vitality; night; and morning. Includes four massage techniques: kneading; tapping; rolling; and combination. Four back massage courses: whole back; thoracic; cervical; and lumbar.

10. Repose R700 Massage Chair

Repose R700 Massage Chair is a super deluxe 3D technology massage chair to relax your body from head to toe. Most of the massage chairs are only capable of doing lower back to neck but Repose R700 Massage Chair also focus on lower body besides remaining part of the body. Its body scan technology is something new in the field of massage chairs. Before massage, sensors will scan your whole body abd ensure either you are sitting right or not.

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