10 Best Tea Brand in the World

Tea is the most highly consumed beverage worldwide. It is consume by almost everyone. Be it any country, any region, you will always come across people who consume a lot of tea. Some people are some what addicted to it. Here are some of the best tea brands in the world, listed below.

1. Tetley

It is the second largest manufacturer of tea and is originally a British country. They distribute their product in more than 40 countries. They have almost 60 different flavors to offer. Now, it has became a very famous brand in the world and people’s favorite, too.

2. Yorkshire Tea

It is a very famous black tea brand. This brand came into being in 80’s and then gradually became a very successful brand. It produces tea as well as coffee. They have different varieties to offer.

3. Bigelow

It is an American company. basically, it is a family owned business. They offer black and green tea as well. They also have herbal tea to offer. It is earning a lot of profit although it is a private company.

4. Lipton

Lipton is a brand of Unilever. It was first started in U an then it was introduced to the whole world. This is a very old brand and has gained a lot of reputation.

5. Dilmah

It is actually a brand of Ceylon tea which is famous all over the world for its flavor. This brand is supplying its product to over more than 90 countries. It has different flavors to offer.

6. The Republic Of Tea

It is a private American company and produces tea from organic products. Their product is supplied to a lot of countries across the world and is very famous in term sod its quality and flavor.

7. Harney And Sons

One of the most finest quality of tea. It also has herbal flavor to offer. It is a very famous American company and is expensive as well. But due to its finest taste and flavor, its worth it!

8. Tazo

It is also made up of organic products. It is actually a mixture of black tea, cinnamon, cardamon, spices and black pepper. They blend of all these compounds, make it very rich and fine.

9. Celestial Seasonings

It is a 100% natural flavor of tea and comes in various different flavors like, wild berry. It is caffeine free and comes in herbal flavor as well. It is loved by people around the world and is one of the best brands of herbal tea.

10. Twinings

It is a classic English breakfast tea. It is a traditional blend of black tea, creating a satisfying and rich taste.

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