10 Biggest Dogs in the World

Huge dogs are generally very loyal and generous animals. As they say, dogs are more faithful than men. Well, maybe it’s true. Trained, tamed dogs are usually having balanced temper, good manners and they are obedient. Dogs are known to be ancient guardians and are said to be men’s oldest companions. Here is a list of the world’s biggest dogs or their breeds.

1. Irish Wolfhounds

Not the biggest ones but they are most tallest dog breeds. They weight up to 70 kg and their height is around 35 inches. This breed of dogs are smart, intelligent and very loyal. They are also recommended for guard duties because of their good temper. They are usually favorites among children because of their very sweet and stable nature.

2. Leonbergers

They are well-disciplined and haughty dogs. Their name is derived from a famous city in Germany and that is why they are basically German dogs. They are bred as symbolic dogs which are known to mimic lions.

3. St. Bernand

Theses are very clean, attractive dogs and are usually trained for rescue missions in mountainous areas. They are very friendly and loyal to their masters and they weight up to 1770 pounds.

4. Great Dane

Great Dane dogs are very disciplined and friendly. That is the reason why they are famous among children. At first, they used to be bred as hunting dogs because of their large size but now they are kept as companions because of their friendly nature.

5. Newfoundland

This breed of dog has great height. They make as a great pet and are among favorite tamed dogs because of their loving nature. they are patient and generous. They were bred to be working dogs but now they are usually kept at home.

6. Neapolitan Mastiff

Theses dogs weight up to 200 pounds. They are calm, fearless, protective companions. They are loved by their owners because of their devoted nature and patience.

7. English Mastiff

They weight up to 400 pounds and range in height from 25 to 35 inches. They are not among tallest breeds of dogs but are heaviest.

8. Kuvasz

Better late than never, Kuvasz are the largest breed of dogs. They are well suited for guarding livestock and are basically Hungarian in origin.

9. Scottish Deerhound

This breed is known to emerge from Scotland. It cannot be owned by anyone beneath the rank of Earl because of its great royalty. This explicit and unique ownership of the breed has made this breed sort of extinct. Breeding programs are carried out to revive them.

10. Great Pyrenees

This dog breed is known to be ‘shepherd’s best friend’. They were bred to protect to sheep especially and other livestock as well. Even with small children and small animals, their guarding skills have made them famous.

Aaric Hale

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