11 Bizarre Sports Around the World

You have surely heard of football, cricket, volleyball, golf, tennis and likewise many other sports because these are being played international level. Maybe you are familiar with all these because all these are being backed by their respective international federations. But there are dozens of others that are surely lesser known by the many and when you will hear about these sports and will watch their videos then you will surely say, Unbelievable, I do not believe it, etc. In short, all these will surely fascinate you. So, move down to the extremes and the world’s most bizarre sports and sports events that will amaze you.

1. Unicycle Polo

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Unicycle Polo or simply Unicycle Hockey is one of the most spectacular forms of both polo and hockey. The word unicycle is describing a lot about itself and polo is about whom you are already familiar with. So, unicycle polo is basically a full-fledged hockey game where the each player is mounted in a unicycle that contains only one wheel and the both feet of the player or on the pedals and then he is required to play with the ball. The entire system of playing is much similar to the field hockey with one addition of mounting requirement on a unicycle. This game is being governed by the International Unicycling Federation. Watch the video and enjoy the one of the most bizarre sports in the world.

2. Chess Boxing

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Two words are revealing the story of chess and boxing. Yes, you are right chess and boxing in the same ring. This game is the perfect chemistry of the brain and muscle. This combination of two traditional sports is itself sounding strange and something that will be really entertaining. In this game, the competitions fight in rounds of chess and boxing. This sport is however not so much popular and the first world championship of that sport was held in 2003. Currently, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia and Spain are the affiliate members of the chess boxing. World Chess Boxing Organisation is the governing body of that sport. If talk about the rules and method to play this sport then instead of further wasting your time we will refer you to its video.

3. Camel Racing

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Camel Racing is a centuries old tradition in the entire Arabian countries – to whom you called Gulf – Pakistan, Australia and few other countries. Because it is largely played in the Gulf countries so it can be called as the most popular sport in the Gulf countries. Being centuries old traditional sport, camel racing has a historical background. This professional camel racing sport is just like horse racing where instead of horse camel take part in the sport. First the jockeys of this sport were the child but after the intervention of human right organizations, United Arab Emirates and Qatar have imposed a ban on the underage labour. Instead of flat grounds, the real scene of seeing this race is in the desert of Arab.

4. Swamp Soccer

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Swamp Soccer is just like ground soccer with only one difference and that it is this sport is played in swamps or bogs. Finland is the ancestor of this sport and after then the sport started to spread in other parts of the world. Most of the countries even integrated this sport in the training of the soldiers and athletes as an exercise activity. Swamp soccer is gradually increasing its popularity on the international level. Swamp Soccer United Kingdom Limited is the official governing body of this bizarre sport. You can imagine the popularity of swamp soccer from that at present there are almost 260 swamp soccer teams around the globe that most equal to the number of football teams. Most of the rules and regulations of this sports are just like the field soccer.

5. Buzkashi

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Here is another centuries-old traditional sport of the Central Asia. It is Buzkashi that means goat dragging or grabbing. It is the national sport of Afghanistan and also played in the Northern Areas of Pakistan as well. On this game, the players are mounted on the horses and attempt to drag or grab the either goat or calf carcass toward the goal point. It is one goal based sport as the team that approached to the goal point first emerged as the winner. The goat or calf whatever is then eaten by the winning by first roasting it. The game last for several days and now eve year it took place in Afghanistan and some other Central Asian countries in the form of regulated tournament.

6. Gostra

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Another extreme bizarre sport that is also a traditional value. It is Gostra that is most popular sport in the Malta. Every year it held on the last Sunday of the August. This game is only for the brave people who dare to do the stunning and amazing thing that’s why it is called as the sport of the brave. The player is required to run all the way on the top of a long diagonal greasy pole. The pole is divided into three points that are basically the three prizes. The player struggles to snatch one or all of the three prizes. Gostra is a summer festival sport that is played near the coastal sides. The pole basically stretches out into the water and most of the part of the pole is covered with grease and even animal fat.

7. Underwater Hockey

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Hockey and soccer are those two sports that are being played across the globe in different forms in addition to the only field. Underwater hockey that is also called as Octopush is the game that is usually played in the United Kingdom. It is basically a limited-contact sport where just like field hockey two teams compete in the bottom of swimming pool by propelling the puck with a pusher. This support has no presence neither in Olympic nor in Paralympic but still it is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom, Canada and some other western countries. There is also an international governing body of this sport named Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatiques to whom you can also call World Underwater Federation for your own convenience.

8. Toe Wrestling

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One of the most and extreme sport that can be simply called upon no comments. Let’s introduce you to a new type of wrestling named toe wrestling. Yes, you have rightly nailed it a wrestling with the toe. In this sport, the two opponent first lock their feet and then attempt to pin the foot of opponent down to win the competition. Unlike ring wrestling, toe wrestling is much similar to the arm wrestling in which the players first take off their shoes and then the game the played with bare feet. Both are first required to make it sure that their toes are linked with each other and the flat part of the foot must be completely touched with each other.

9. Fingerhakeln

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Fingerhakeln is just like toe wrestling and arm wrestling. It is a sport in which both opponents sitting at a table try to pull the finger of his opponent with his own finger that is already locked in the finger of the opponent. It is a sport that required the skills of physical strength to cause strain and pain in the finger of the opponent in order to defeat him. Usually, the middle finger is used in this whole sport whoever the players can use any finger except thumb to carry on the competition. Most of the time the players use the leather strap on the finger and sometimes without any strap. This sport has a proper referee, chairman and assessor system. This sport has no international recognition but most popular in Germany, Austria, Bavaria and many English countries.

10. Cheese Rolling

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Cheese Rolling is the next strange sport that has been taking place for possibly hundreds of years. Its main event is also known as The Copper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake that every year held on the Spring Bank Holiday at the Copper’s Hill. Every year people from various part of the world take part in this sport. The sport starts with the rolling down the Double Gloucester cheese of 9 lb from the top of the hill and then just after rolling it the competitors start racing down the hill after it. The one who will touch the finish line first will be the winner of the cheese. First there was principal to catch the cheese but now the rules of the sport have been changed and main event took place in recent years without further catching the cheese.

11. Wife Carrying

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Wife Carrying is a couple-oriented competition that was originated in the Finland and now held every year in most of the part of the world. As the world wife-carrying showing the meaning that carrying the wife on the shoulders and then running to win the competition. With the passage of time, many other conditions have been also introduced in this sport. Now simple wife carrying completion also held in the form of water racing as well while on ground racing, many obstacles and hurdles are also the part of this sport now. Every year Wife Word Championships are held in Somkajavri. Most of the time, the prize for the winner depends upon the weight of the wife as well.

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