10 Countries with highest Child Labor

Child labor means kids who are under age 15 go to work and earn money except to go to school. This is our misfortune that this era is an era of child labor. Children don’t enjoy their childhood and start to work hard from specific age. There are so many NGO’s are running different campaigns, but child labor has become the evil for our nations. The causes of child labor are poverty, unawareness about children rights and illiteracy. We are discussing here about top 10 countries where the rate of child labor is greater than other countries.

1. Eritrea

This is no surprising news for us that, Eritrea is on the top of the countries in which child labor ratio is greater than other countries. This is sorrowful news for us that child labor is legal in Eritrea. Children are forced to do work for at least two months in a year during their school life. Poverty and political instability plays a great role to make child labor. This is not the biggest issue for Eritrean.

2. Somalia

Somalia has no.2 position in the countries with highest child labor. The reason of child labor in Somalia is political and governmental instability since 23 years. Children are involved in dangerous agricultural activities and some are working as child soldiers and the rate of child labor is increasing day by day. Nowadays it is considered a petty issue in Somalia. This evil can be eradicated if law enforcement agencies consider it serious issue and try to solve it

3. Myanmar

Myanmar is on the third country where children work hard since their childhood. It is said that Myanmar has the largest child soldiers. Children are also involved in human trafficking inside and outside the country. The reason is unfriendly relationship between poor Muslim and Bud Matt and war issues.

4. Democratic republic Congo

In Democratic republic Congo, children are involved in mining work that is dangerous and risky for them. It is said that rebel and military groups are involved to make them soldiers but government is taking steps for the removal of this evil. Several treaties have been signed between UN and government about child labor.

5. Sudan

Sudan is suffering from war, political and economic instability for many years. It is reported that in Sudan, children with age of 10 to 14 go to work from dawn to dusk and earn for their family survival.

6. Afghanistan

30% children are working hard to earn money for their family in Afghanistan. It is saddest part for us that most of the children are the single bread earners in a whole family. Afghanistan has suffered in war from decades like Sudan. Their future has been destroyed. Afghanistan considers it a serious issue and I hope that the situation will be better in the future.

7. Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, it is bad fact that parents sent their children to beg rather than getting education. They do not pay attention on their education and think that it is suitable profession for their children and the duty of the children to bring money from begging to fulfill the needs of their family. Hyper inflation is the reason behind it. Children works in mines, agricultural sectors and so on. The program is arranged to finish this evil but it is not started yet.

8. Burundi

Burundi is poor country and the saddest fact is that children earn for their family since immaturity. The reasons are corruption, illiteracy and political instability.

9. Yemen

Yemen is on the 9th no. in child labor. It is going through civil war. Child labor is not considered a serious issue in Yemen. A large number of children have become soldiers due to war.

10. Nigeria

Nigeria is on the tenth position of top ten countries with highest child labor. In rural areas, children are involved in agricultural field of tobacco, Cocoa and cassava. In urban areas, children work as tailors, street vendors, barber and shoe shiner. UNICEF is working for child labor in Nigeria.

Aaric Hale

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