10 Disadvantages of Using Computers for Long Hours

Computers, one of the great wonders of science. They truly brought the world together. Communication was never that easy, people were never this close. Your closed ones were never just one tap away, but thanks to computers, you can get to them in a jiffy. They opened new horizons of communication. Be it surfing, downloading or any online work, computers played their roles so swiftly. Now a days, of course, things have became more compact and portable. Laptops, smart phones and other gadgets have replaced computers. Apart from its uncountable advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. If you stick to one thing for long time, the results will not be favorable every time.

1. Eyesight Isuues

This is the first problem that occurs when a person use excess computer. When you keep your eyes glued to the computer screen for long, you eventually start having headache. The headache worsens day by day and of course, your eyesight is affected. In order to avoid life long association to glasses, sticking to the computer screens should be avoided.

2. Wastage of Time

Yes! Of course! Wastage of time is the most common cause of getting a good scold from your mom. Computers are very addictive. Once you start using it, you just cannot get over it and you want to explore more. In midst of all this, you have no idea of how much precious time you are putting at stake. So, instead of utilizing that time in studies or any other beneficial activity, some people waste their time by sitting in front of their computer screens for long hours.

3. No Physical Activity

You are just going to put on weight if you will invest all your time in sitting, using your computers and doing nothing else at all. Outdoor activities are essential as well. For a fit and mind, physical activities are very beneficial. You cannot stay in one room, sticking to computers and eating pizza. This will not really help!

4. Addiction

Truly! Its one major addiction. You cannot get over it. You want more of it. You want to explore more and learn new things. This is one great addiction for our minds. Human mind gets addicted to all the things that consume less energy and provide with more fun. This is exactly what a computer does.

5. Text Books Are Kept Aside

One major problem with students is, they get so much relied upon computers that they tend to do all their research work by using computers. They do not bother to open up their text boos and read it thoroughly. For them, surfing is a more easier option.

6. Body Aches? Poor Posture!

You think you have a bad body ache due to some serious medical condition? Well. Are you a computer addict? Yes? Then you have got your answer. Too much usage of computer leads to poor postural position, the back is usually bent more than required and that gradually results in muscle spasm or back ache.

7. Skipping Meals

Small children, or the newbies who get addicted to this invention, they tend to skip their meals. They are so much involved in playing games and surfing that they totally turn a deaf year to their mom’s voice, when they call out for meals. Long hours of using computer is harmful in every manner!

8. Insomnia? Really?

Eventually, yes! Long hours of using a computer and doing nothing else will eventually lead to insomnia or as you might commonly call it, lack of sleep. When a person is sitting in front of his computer of that long, he disturbs his sleep cycle so badly and that is the main treason why he gradually develops insomnia.

9. Eye Strain And Headache

Two most common symptoms, indicating that your mind and brain are completely worn out. You keep watching the screen of the computer and that is what leads to headache, eye strain and then eyesight issues.

10. The Ugly Side Of The Story

Well. To every wonder of science, there is an ugly part as well. Not everything in the world of computer is good or healthy. Children could get involved in bad practices, by going through many inappropriate things on computer. They could get involved in cyber crimes, or crimes of hacking also. Parents should keep an eye especially on kids when they start using computers.

Aaric Hale

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