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10 Man Made Marvels in USA

There are so many wonders, both natural and man made all around the world. The United States of America alone has got many wonders prevailing in the country. Theses wonders are a symbol of excellence and has pushed the scope of physics beyond imagination. Here is a list of 10 man made marvels in the USA.

1. Sears Tower

Sears tower is located in Chicago, which is also known as Wills tower now. It is the second most tallest building in the USA and it ranks at eight position among the world’s tallest buildings. It is a 108 story building with a tremendously breath taking height. It was more like an office building comprising of many great companies and business but now it is a very popular tourist attraction in the USA.

2. St. Louis Arch

This huge man made arch built in Missouri is a great source of attraction. It is one of the most tallest man built monument and a very famous landmark of America. This arch is made up of shiny steel which is many feet above the Mississippi River. This arch is as wide as it is tall and was designed in the year 1947.

3. Golden Gate Bridge

Almost everyone is familiar to this great bridge, it is a great asset of Hollywood movies as well. It was establishes in the year 1937. It is the most amazingly recognizable symbol of San Francisco, California. It is rightly said to be one of the most largest and beautiful bridge of the world.

4. Washington Monument

The moment you get to see the Washington monument, you know that you are in Washington. It was built to accommodate George Washington and even the first president of America. This monument is basically related to the American history. It was built from granite, marble and took more 50 years to come into existence.

5. Hoover Dam

This dam was built when America was going through a very rough patch, economically. This dam is regarded as one of the most biggest and difficult structures of America. Its construction was carries out in 5 years only.

6. The Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty is built in Liberty island which is in New York. Actually this statue was gifted to America by France. The actual meaning behind this sculpture is, it is a statue of Roman Goddess of freedom, holding a torch in one hand which is a symbol of enlightenment and a tablet evoking the law on which the America’s date of independence is engraved.

7. The White House

The very famous White House is situated in Washington, D.C. It is the official accommodation and even the place of work of America’s president. It is been a residence of every single American president and is a very important landmark in the history of USA.

8. The Hollywood Sign

Alas! The very famous Hollywood sign, quite commonly seen in movies too. It is a great attraction for the tourists especially. It is built in the hill area of Santa Monica Mountains. It was made in 1923 and since then, its popularity has only increased.

9. Temple Square

Temple Square is situated in the Lake city. It is actually owned by the church of Jesus Christ. Several church facilities are added in this temple square over years.

10. Helen Keller’s Home

The Helen Keller’s home is a beautiful place built in Southern States. It is a white wooden home and a room inside this beautiful house serve as a museum where all the belongings of Helen Keller are kept and preserved. Ivy green, the birth place of Helen Keller was included in America’s historical places.

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