10 Most Acidic Foods

The acidity of particular food material is measured by its pH. Higher the pH value of the food, more the acidity. Acid forming foods include meat, fish, legumes, grains, and many more. Our body has a pH balance system installed in it, naturally. The function of this system is to detect and maintain acidic-basic volume. Increased intake of acidic substances has its symptoms or side effects. Most acidic foods taken by people are listed below.

1. Fruits

When we talk about fruits then there are many such fruits which are acidic in nature. For instance, oranges, lemons, cranberries, blueberries, canned foods. The canned fruits are acidic because their are preservatives and artificial flavoring present in them. In the same manner, processed fruit juices have more acidic content in them as compared to natural fruit juice.

2. Grains

Processed grains are more acidic as compared to natural grains. For example, white grains, white rice, pasta, biscuits and many more food stuff. The ever delicious doughnuts, pastries and many such bakery items are also acidic. They are low in fiber and nutrients. White rice has more pH than white bread.

3. Vegetables

Lentils, corn, olives and many other vegetables are acidic in nature. They have fiber and other nutrients in them also but if you are trying to lower the amount of acid in your body then they are should be avoided.

4. Beverages

Of course, all sort of alcohol are alcoholic. No matter if they have high amount of calories or low but one thing is for sure, that they have a very amount of acid in them. Hard liquor has the highest amount of acid in it. Soda, coffee, tea and such other beverages are also acidic in nature.

5. Oils And Nuts

Nuts are known to be acidic because they have high pH values. Peanuts, cashews and other dry fruits are not a good option if you want to lower the acidic amount. Butter which is made from such dry fruits and ever some of the oils which are made from such dry fruits has high acidic amount.

6. Salad Dressings

Do you have any idea that whenever you go to any salad shop or make your own salad, the salad dressings placed in that salad bar are full of acid? Be it thousand island sauce or other sauces, they have high acid content. If you pair them up with vegetables, it will neutralize their effect.

7. Wine

Beverages have been discussed earlier in this article but wine is being discussed separately because in some cases wine is deliberately prescribed. Wine is one of the healthy alcohol that people can consume but it has a high acid content. That is why it is said to neutralize it with the same amount of water.

8. Lemons

They are being discussed separately as well because of their notorious detoxifying properties. They are good for our body but they contain high acid content as well. You can always dilute lemon juice with water.

9. Pickles

Most vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, lemons and many more, which are preserved in vinegar have high acid content. Vinegar itself is an acidic substance that is why pickles are not recommended to those who want to lower the acid content in their body.

10. Sweeteners

As discussed above, sweeteners are added in can packed fruits as well. Although they make food more palatable but they are known to contain high acid content which might be harmful.

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