10 Most Colorful Festivals in the World

Festival means celebrations. It denotes joy, fun, laughter, colors and many more factors. Every festival has a different history and a different story behind it. People celebrate their festivals in different manners, according to their cultures and traditions. Festivals are celebrated to bring people close and to enjoy to the fullest. Here is a list of 10 most colorful festivals celebrated around the world.

1. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival

It is a great carnival of Spain, celebrated with great colors, fun, enjoyment. It is celebrated for 15 days. People from all around the world come and enjoy this festival. Girls carry different costumes and one of them is even elected as a queen of the night. People come on the street wearing very colorful costumes, singing and merry to each other all night long. Different bands and dancing crews also perform on the streets during this festival.

2. Full Moon Party

Full moon party is celebrated every single year in Thailand. People from all over the world come and enjoy this colorful event. People come and enjoy watching the reflection of the full yellow-colored moon on the beach, they even light lamps and sing songs in chorus. Drinks and food are served among the crowd. People dance and sing all night long, enjoying the worth of watching the sight of the full moon.

3. The Carnival Of Cultures

This carnival of cultures is celebrated each year in Berlin. The big street parade is the benchmark of this whole event. Apart from this final parade, many parades take place in the days of the whole festival. Many people arrive just to attend this great carnival, wearing different colors and exhibiting their cultures in their own ways. There are about 300 food stalls, magicians, jugglers, and many more entertainers.

4. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

It is the largest hot air ballooning festival of the world, which takes place in Mexico. More than a thousand spectators assemble to enjoy this festival, from around the world. This festival takes place for 9 days in the month of October. Due to its amazing geographical features, Mexico is the most pronounced place for this festival. It is an eye capturing site when hundreds of hot air balloons are lifted up in the air, with so many colors. Viewers are truly astounded by this worth watching sight.

5. The Chinese New Year

This well known and colorful festival is celebrated in China for 15 days. People worship Chinese Gods, arrange hangouts, family dinners, thanksgiving. On the very last day, Chinese parade is carried out and even the lantern festival. Dragon dances are of course worth watching and enjoying. They are very famous all over the world. Many dancing crews, bands and experts perform as well.

6. Las Fallas, Valencia

One amazingly crazy festival it is! It is celebrated from 13th to 19th March in Spain. During this festival, the streets of Spain are decorated and covered with various dolls. Yes! Dolls. These dolls are made of plastics, wood, rubber, wax and even cardboard. They are of various sizes and colors, wearing different costumes. Stores are also filled up with such dolls and many people also tend to make these dolls themselves. And on the last day of this festival, all these dolls are set on fire accompanies by grand, huge fireworks in Spain.

7. Saint Patrick’s Festival

It is celebrated each year in Ireland to remember the great leader of Christians who have spread Christianity in Ireland, St. Patrick. It is carried out on 14th-17th March. People celebrate this event by making the streets more green and by performing various dance acts on the streets. Thousands of visitors gather from all around the world.

8. La Feria de Abril

This event is celebrated each year, in Spain. It goes on for a week and every day men ride horses around the buildings and dancing in the streets. Friends and family celebrate in an amazing manner and wearing beautiful costumes. Great champagne and good food is served among the crowd.

9. Harbin International Ice festival

This is the international ice and snow festival celebrated every year in China. It is mostly taken in North-East China because the coolest winter season is celebrated there. It starts on the 5th of January and is celebrated for the whole month. Ice lantern shows are carried out at the night time. Skiing activities and polar bears are the main characteristics. The festival includes many more attractions.

10. Holi

This is the festival of colors, celebrated all around the world but mostly in India. Holi is celebrated on the full moon night, in the month of March. Special sweets are made and distributed among friends and relatives. A bonfire is made, too. On the day of Holi, people play with bright colors and even water sprays. They enjoy to the fullest!

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