10 Most Common Fears

Fear is a type of emotion which keeps us from different risks in the surroundings and has to develop to be most complicated, being with the fears extending from the strange to the simply ridiculous, there are some definite fears which usually a majority of the people has shared with. Here is a list of most common fears given below:

1. Losing The Freedom

The fear of losing the freedom has been always there in human, it gives us some times a deep thought because it is not something that we think about every single moment and be unsure at what is going to happen if we lose the power to manage our lives.

2. Fear of Unknown

It can be explained like that in order to move forward the mind tells us that we must be aware of who is there, because ‘if you are aware, then you can control the situation and if you are not aware of , then you cannot manage it’.

3. Fear of Pain

The majority of us are afraid of physical pain, It can be noticed that there are a vast quantity of treatments are linked to pain relief and related to different types of pain with different levels of strength.

4. Fear of Disappointment

This type of fear is very hard to explain, because it has two different types of fears, related to disappointment, i.e. disappointing others and the other is suffering from disappointing yourself.

5. Fear of Misery

Nobody wants to feel human misery, because the most horrible actions of human are resulted with the extreme anxiety caused by misery. We consider it as the smallest point when it comes to human needs, and that is the reason why we are afraid of it too much.

6. Fear of Loneliness

Being alone is one of the most terrible feeling of loneliness caused by the lack of communication with another human being. We are afraid of loneliness because it is more liable that we can survive if we live in form of a group.

7. Fear Of Ridicule

It is related with the fear of receiving bad criticism and is caused by the social fear of not projecting a good enough image to others of ourselves. This is most regularly experienced in which it is known as stage fright.

8. Fear of Rejection

We usually move to follow the deeds of others, just because it keeps us away from the rejection from the society. Most of us can only justify our existence through the acknowledgement and acceptance of others, That is why e are afraid of rejection because of the fear of being alone.

9. Fear of Death

This fear of death is strongly attached to the fear of unknown. we are interested so much in death that we have created the entire cultures and religious beliefs which tried to explain death. We are not sure what will happen to us when we leave this world.

10. Fear of Failure

Failure may be a lot of things like realizing that you are not living your life the way you want to live, you are not successive in your plans, also being helpless and every single step you are taking is resulting into failure.

Aaric Hale

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