10 Most Common Zoo Animals

A zoo is a zoological park, zoological garden, or animal park, it is a facility in which animals are restricted within enclosures, displayed to the public and in which they may also be bred. There are many kinds of animals and birds in the zoo for public display. Here is the list of some animals which can be found in different types of zoos in the world:

1. Tiger

The most popular animal in zoos is the tiger. According to the research, at least 410 institutes keep more than 1809 individuals. Zoos prefer the largest subspecies, the Amur tiger/Panthera tigris altaica, because its keeping is very less pricey.

2. Lion

Another most popular animal in zoos is also known as the king of animals, Lion. At least 382 zoos has decided to show the absolute top killer in their group. Most of the lions in custody are African, the Asian lion is less common.

3. Ring-Tailed Lemur

They are the stars of a lot of tales, films and cartoons. They are active and cute animals which also breed very well in zoos, if a zoo wants to make the most of the cuteness factor and should acquire a group of ring tailed.

4. Goat

Goats are the stars of all kinds of zoos and they are also very unchallenging animals, so it is beyond question that they should be kept in a zoo. At least 382 zoo managers agreed to this.

5. Meerkat

The meerkats are often the winners, owing to their good-humored behavior and their cute and humanoid-like appearance. They are needed all over the world in any kind of zoo.

6. Blue and Yellow Macaw

Parrots are noisy and beautiful birds, At least 345 zoos chose the blue-and-yellow macaw as the most popular representative of parrots.

7. Giraffe

A zoo without a giraffe is not a zoo, so every zoo would like to keep giraffes. At least 332 zoos gave in to public demand throughout the world.

8. Common Peafowl

If a zoo wants some beautiful living ornaments, they often choose peafowl. You can meet up these birds in at least 320 zoos in the world.

9. Boa Constrictor

They are good for reptile shows, so their educational and entertainment value is also high. They are also popular in film, you can see them anywhere as dangerous beasts of stories from the Bible to science fiction.

10. Emu

One more most common species in zoos is a bird, the emu. At least 306 zoos exhibit these birds around the globe. Emu are easy to keep, big but not very aggressive and they are cheap.

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