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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in UK

In order to survive, every person in this world has to fend for themselves by earning a livelihood, and in order to do so, a person needs to have a job. Different people can get different jobs depending on their qualifications. Most jobs expose a person to a specific amount of risk and danger, some more than others. The following are the ten most dangerous jobs in the United Kingdom:

1. Farming

According to the HSE, people involved in the farming, forestry and fishing industries are quite prone to injuries, branding being a farmer a considerably dangerous job. Farming jobs are so dangerous that one in every five ‘on the job’ fatalities are attributed to the faming, fishing and forestry industries. Among the most significant threats to farmers are machinery, animals and drowning.

2. Librarians

Being a Librarian is considered to be one of the blandest and safest jobs a person could possibly have. However, that slight chance of a heavy book falling on a librarian or a librarian slipping on the shiny floor of a library might not be as slight as people think. On average, the Health and Safety Executive reports one death and forty six non-fatal injuries every year in this sector.

3. Teachers

One would think that the people who impart knowledge and wisdom to the United Kingdom’s up and coming generation would be safe, but that is not the case. The teaching industry generates around 1500-2000 reports of major injuries every year. The most common causes of injury for teachers are slips and falls, with a handful of strikes from various objects added to the mix.

4. Mechanics

Working as a mechanic is much messier than it is dangerous. However, while the chances of the car a mechanic is working on falling on them are astronomical, mechanics, and other people who are in the business of handling cars, are extremely vulnerable to slips and falls, especially with all that grease and oil laying around.

5. Shopkeepers

Not at all surprisingly, being a storeowner or employee at a store is also quite a dangerous job, especially in the event that a person works a late shift and is at the store at night. Not only our shopkeepers prone to slips, falls and other common accidents, they are also vulnerable to criminal assaults.

6. Healthcare related jobs

Workers in the healthcare industry are trusted to heal people and make sure that they are safe, and what most people don’t know is that they themselves are in quite a lot of danger. People working in the healthcare industry are prone to common workplace accidents, but they are also vulnerable to accidents involving medical equipment. In addition, being exposed to people who have diseases, some of which may be contagious, further amplifies the danger that is faced by employees in the healthcare industry.

7. Mining

Mining was considered extremely hazardous in primitive times, and even though the British mining industry has improved exponentially over the years, the danger to miners still persists. During the year 2012 and 2013, the mining industry registered 150 injuries and 2 deaths, which is quite a significant number, and that is so while taking into account the fact that there are only three operational deep pit mines in the UK right now.

8. Estate agents

Most people would think that the only danger an estate agent faces is the chances of potential clients being swiped by their competitors and them being on dry spells in terms of sales. However, mostly due to slips and falls while on the clock, being an estate agent is pretty dangerous.

9. Most jobs involving waste materials

Any job that requires a person to come into contact with waster materials such as garbage for any purpose whatsoever seems like a repulsive and extremely ordinary job. However, that is certainly not the case, at least not according to the Health and Safety Executive. According to the HSE, approximately twelve personnel perished in the process of disposing of, collecting or treating waste materials, making such jobs quite dangerous. The fatality rate for employees of the waste material industry is 7.8 for every 100,000 employees, and the most common causes of injury in the industry are machinery operation accidents, trips and slips, and being struck by the vehicles the industry uses.

10. Construction

Constructing a structure from scratch, a structure that, especially in its early stages, is bound to be unstable, is bound to be a dangerous job. However, construction workers are in far more danger than the average person would think. In fact, construction work is so dangerous that, in any given year, there are more fatalities in the construction industry than there are deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan. The construction agency has quite a substantial share in the total number of work related deaths in the United Kingdom every year.

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