10 Most Deadly Fishes in the World

Fishes are important organisms. They are used all over the world for various purposes. Many people keep fishes in their aquariums and a man like to use it as an edible which it certainly is. Having said that, there are many deadly or dangerous fishes out there as well which are not recommended for eating purpose by various people. Some of such deadly fishes are mentioned below.

1. Puffer

O Lord, this is such a beautiful creature. They are my favorites! They are even shown in many animated movies because of its unique physical appearance. They are also known as swellfish and blowfish. They have a unique ability to puff them up with water or air and thus become rounded in appearance, just a a bubble ready to be pop. Now the deadly thing about this fish is, many of them are poisonous and they even release a toxic substance. They are prepared by some highly trained professional chefs.

2. Red Lionfish

This species of fishes are known for their fin spines and unique red color. They have got a skin, like that of a lion, in terms of visual appearance. It has bold stripes, zebra or lion like. They have natural enemies and a striking reproductive rate and this is the reason why their quantity is increasing in the ecosystem day by day.

3. Candiru

It is a scaleless parasitic catfish and it has a translucent body which is 2.5 cm in length. Prey of candiru are other small fishes, it feeds on their blood from their gills. At times, it also attacks humans and is known to enter their urethra while swimming or taking bathe. Once it is inside the human body, it causes inflammation and hemorrhage inside the body. In severe cases, it also causes death.

4. The Great White Shark

This shark does not need any introduction. If not in real life, all of us must have seen it in movies at least. It is one of the most potentially dangerous shark in the entire world. In those areas whee they are common, they are known to feed themselves on swimmers and even small ships. They rarely return for a second bite, so if you are lucky enough to get away from the first bite, your life is saved for that moment at least.

5. Tigerfish

Tigerfishes have large black stripes over its body area. There are five species of tigerfish and they all are known to be very deadly. They have got sharp spines on its gill cover and they are very dangerous, so it should be handled with great care. These spines could wound the handler.

6. Piranha

It is a carnivorous fish having teeth shaped as razors. These fishes have deep bodies, edged bellies and strong triangular shaped teeth. They have the sharpest teeth and strongest jaws of all the other species of fishes and that is why they are known to be dangerous. It should be handled with great care.

7. Stonefish

They are found in shallow water and are sluggish. They resemble rocks and corals in structure. They are even found among rocks and that is the reason why it has bumpy, dry, scaly, warty skin covered with skin tags. If a wound is caused by this fish, it could prove fatal too. They are extremely painful though.

8. Electric Eel

Who does not know about electric eel? Well it is rightly called electric eel because it discharges current of 300-600 volts which is even strong enough to give shock to humans. The mouth of electric eel is filled with blood vessels and it is known to stun its prey before digesting it. Sometimes it engulfs the prey without stunning it. The tail also has electric organs which are innervated by spinal nerves.

9. Goonch Fish

Goonch is also one of the deadly fishes which is found commonly in Kali river. Various people were lost from that river and then suddenly one day a mysterious brown creature emerged from that river which had sharp, long, razor shaped teeth. This bizarre creature is over 7 feet long.

10. Great Barracuda

This great fish is about 6 feet in length and is a living torpedo having gigantic teeth which extremely sharp. They are attracted to shiny metal objects and attack those creatures which create any sort of agitation in their way. Their attack could rip off much flesh from your body.

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