10 Most Disliked Foods

Food is an eatable or drinkable material, which is obtained from plants and animals. There is no concept of life without food. Therefore, it is an essential part of our life because it consists of those elements, like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, calcium, etc., which are essential for sustainability, energy, and growth.

People have different attitudes towards different foods. Sometimes a single food item is liked by the entire world like potato and sometimes it happened that people dislike a specific food like bitter gourd. Sometimes in childhood, it becomes our psyche not to eat specific food and even when we grow up we feel that nothing is special in some specific foods. Following is the list of most disliked foods due to their taste and smell.

1. Raw Oysters

Oysters can be used in different ways. Either you can cook it or can use in raw form. Raw oysters are also known as dirty food. Having raw oysters is like having a gum into your mouth. Almost in all of the food poisoning cases, 50% are due to raw oysters. So, it is disliked by most of the people.

2. Purslane

The main problem with Purslane is that it remains distasteful and bad smelled after cooked. Its grassy smell and sandy taste constrain the people not to use it. For this reason, people neglect it. Its side effects are also high as its excessive usage can cause gallstone.

3. Garlic

Although it is essential in some recipes. However, due to its bad smell and bitterness, it inclement the fun of food when comes to the teeth. It has physical side effects also. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It removes the necessary iron, led and mercury elements from our body. It is also among those foods which are disliked by people.

4. Dry Coriander

Imagine during eating, a little piece of material stuck into your teeth and you try a lot to get rid of this. Then what will be your situation? The main problem associated with this food is that. Although the green coriander is very tasty and fragrant, dry coriander is not good. This food is also disliked by most of the people.

5. Cooked Carrots

Another food among disliked foods is cooked carrots. Raw carrots or pickled carrots are very tasteful but cooked carrots are bad for cooking. Its boiled taste makes it hateful for rating. Moreover, it also causes digest problems. Excessive use of cooked carrots can change your skin color to yellow.

6. Olive

Olive is used as an ingredient in many hair and brain problems. Olive oil is very beneficial for health. However, it got no reputation in the kitchen. They are disliked due to their saltiness and smell which are even coming from carts of the grocery stores. These are the reasons behind their disliking.

7. Mushrooms

First, bad things about them are that they grow up in mud and second is that it is like as you are eating soap. They are also unhealthy and cause food poisoning as they contain harmful toxins. Some people dislike it because they create fungs and gelatin texture in the mouth. Almost 56% of people dislike this food.

8. Bitter Gourd

They are disliked due to their bitterness. If they are cooked along with seeds, they are even too worse to eat. Their disliking can be imagined from that almost all restaurants and hotels never include this on the menu. It is among those foods which are mostly disliked by people.

9. Animals Lungs

Keep on chewing and in the end, you still have to gulp this as a whole. Bad taste and smell of flesh blood make the people dislike this. Some people even throw it after slaughter. This food is also disliked by people.

10. Anchovies

Eating roasted or cooked fish is very tasty. However, what about a fish, which contain too much smell before and after cooking. Anchovies are that kind of food, which is often disliked by people. Even other food items get the smell when they keep with Anchovies.

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