10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Chocolates! Mouth-watery! Who hates them? I think, nobody. They’re the passion of many people. It’s something that gets you going. It’s a sign of temptation, romance and appetite of course. There are all varieties of chocolates. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But, here is the list of 10 most expensive chocolates in the world.

1. The Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates

What’s so special about this chocolate that has made it one of the world’s expensive chocolates? It smells of cigar! Yes! If you’re a cigar lover, this is your thing. This delicious chocolate smells of cigar but it tastes completely different. It is wrapped in a cigar leaf and it was made especially to fulfill the cravings of cigar addicts.

2. Delafee

It’s a Switzerland product. These are golden truffles. They provide with a sensual chocolate flavor all around the world. The gold on the truffles, shine brightly and has made this brand, one of the most luxurious chocolates ever. Chocolate creamy ganache inside the truffles is heavenly!

3. Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats

The royal chocolate of course. They’re very ancient and they grow cocoa beams for their chocolates in their own royal farms. This family is known to be the pioneer of classic cocoa bean chocolate. They even supply hand made chocolates in gift box which could be used as great souvenirs.

4. Govida ‘G’ Collection

This popular brand was first made in Belgium. It is made of cocoa beans mans provide with the most sensual chocolate flavor. These chocolates are designed by an exceptional chef. Their decoration is amazing! This is what actually has made it very popular.

5. Richart

This France originated chocolate is a piece of an exceptional art. The first time you’ll get a box of Richart, you won’t even get to know from where to start eating it. The chocolates are hidden beneath a chocolate plaque. Each chocolate square is a piece of an art which is a treat to eyes!

6. Chocopologie by Knipschildt

It is one of the most expensive dark truffle chocolate, blended with creamy ganache. It is delicately rolled up in with a dark truffle on inside and cocoa powder dusted outside. It is one of the most expensive chocolates in United States.

7. Amedei’s Prendimé

This brand was originated by the world’s first female chocolatier. It’s available in milk, dark and even white chocolate. It’s a great treat after dinner or lunch.

8. Madeline truffle

This dark chocolate truffle was made in France. It is a rich creamy chocolate with vanilla pods, folded into a ganache. The truffle is so very rich and that is the real gem of this chocolate.

9. Swarovski studded Chocolates

The presentation of this chocolate box could be the best present for any of our chocoholic friend. It is a pack of 49 chocolates which are wrapped in silk and placed on suede casing. The feeling of this exotic box is the one of the best feelings in the chocolate world!

10. Golden Speckled Egg

This egg is considered to be a master price in the world of chocolates. The body of this egg is dipped into a chocolate. The inside-out chocolate sensation provided by this egg is a master piece of William Curley.

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