10 Most Haunted Places in the World

Haunted place is that place about which people often believes that spirit and ghost of previous property owner lives in it. Many of us have heard that a home, building are place in our city is a haunting place and we afraid of to go there even in day time. Many horror movies are shoot on these places.

Here is the list of 10 most haunted places in the world.

1. Beech Worth Asylum (Australia)

This place is also known as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, which was a psychiatric hospital, located in Australia. This hospital was closed in 1995. Currently this place is under the control of a university. Most of the parts of building are opened for public but still some are restricted areas to visit. Many visitors described that few sprits are wandering there. Sometimes doors open and close automatically. Screaming and moaning of someone always heard there. It’s like that treatment of insane are still doing there.

2. Bhangarh Fort (India)

If you believe that there is no existence of haunted place than visit the Bhangarh Fort all your concept will clear about haunted places. This fort is situated in Rajasthan, India. The mystery about this fort is that once a black magician cursed that all the residents of this place would die and their spirits will wander here all the time. Unfortunately, all the residents got unnatural death. Since then people considers it a horror place.

3. High Gate Cemetery (London)

This a graveyard in England. Around 170,000 dead people are buried in 53,000 graves. This graveyard was established in 1839. Great people like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams are buried there. Ghost of an old woman walking on graves has been seen by many people. Once a business man passing from the graveyard was terrified by a phantom with large nose and clumsy face.

4. Brisbane City Hall (Australia)

Another haunted place belongs to Australia. Many stories are circulating about this place. One is that many worker were died during construction and are buried in its foundation. Many a time maintenance staff heard the frightened music in the hall. Lot of suicides have been committed their since its establishment about which people said that these are not suicides rather these are did by workers spirits.

5. Montpelier Hill (Ireland)

Montpelier Hill, which is also known as Hell Fire Club. This building has been closed by the Irish government for public. It was the house of Stewards and Killakee. The famous story of this place is the ghost of a black cat. Many staff members witnessed the presence of a black cat with red eyes surroundings all the time. People also heard the voice of ringing bell at late night.

6. Screaming Tunnel (Canada)

This place is for those people who believes they have brave heart and fearless spirit. This is a tunnel located near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The story about this tunnel this that there was an farm house nearby this tunnel. One night a young girl caught fire and she shouted for help but she was unable to reach the people. When she came around tunnel wrapped with fire she died. Since then it is being said that whenever a person lightened the fire in tunnel her spirit screamed loudly and caught the person till death.

7. Changi Beach (Singapore)

This beach belongs to Singapore. During World War II many Chinese soldiers were killed and tortured by Japanese soldiers at that beach. Weeping and moaning of Chinese soldiers can be heard at that beach easily. Many people are witnessed that they saw they empty graves there as they are dig for someone to buried. Many visitors also saw the headless dead bodies there.

8. Woodchester Mansion (England)

At first glance this mansions seems masterpiece of architecture but it is an incomplete mansion. Its construction was started in 1858 and abandoned in 1870 due to some unnatural events and since then it is incomplete. According to workers of that time they narrated that many a time they saw the heads in bathrooms. This mansion is open for public but nobody dare to go there lonely.

9. Borley Rectory (England)

Another haunted place belongs to England. This was a rectory of a priest which was completed in 1862. In 1929, Harry Price a paranormal researcher published two books on the unnatural events he observed in this rectory. In 1944 most of this rectory was changed into ester due to unknown fire. The nearby passenger saws the three headless body near the rectory.

10. Riddle House (Florida)

This house is located near a beach in Florida. This was a residence of workers of Henry Flagler (a restaurant businessman). One day an employee committed the suicide in the house. Many year it was being used for funeral ceremony. But now it is closed because many unnatural murder has been took place there.

Note: This list is based on the research of, and Zee News India.

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