10 Most Known Serial Killers

These are not just the standard notorious serial killers, these are some of the most horrific killers to have been found guilty of their crimes. They are on this list either because of the nature of their crime, or the sheer number of their killings. Whether you think they are evil, disturbed, or just mental you are part of a society that exhibits both a repulsion and fascination with the lives and minds of serial killers. Who are these serial killers and what motivates them? We really do not know. Check out the list given below:

1. Robert Black

A van driver from UK. His specialty was little girls. Although he has been convicted of killing four of them from 1981 to 1986, police believe that he has killed many more. He was finally caught when spotted bundling a six year old girl into his van in 1990. He is currently serving prison term and will likely never be released.

2. Richard Chase

Richard Chase was an American serial killer, shoot his victims, have sex with the dead body and then wash in the resultant pool of blood. He killed number of small children, he ate their internal organs and drank their blood. He was finally arrested and sentenced to the gas chamber. However, on 26th December 1980 he committed suicide in prison.

3. Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal Mughal was a serial killer from Lahore, Pakistan who was purported to have killed more than a hundred boys before the long arm of the law finally caught up with him. He initially sexually abused two minor boys in June 1998, for which he was supposed to go to prison. At the time of his sentencing he showed no regret. He said, “I am Javed Iqbal, killer of 100 children. I hate this world. I am not ashamed of my action and I am ready to die. I have no regrets. I killed 100 children.”

4. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer from Milwaukee who had killed more than seventeen men after bringing them to his apartment. He was trapped when his final intended victim had managed to escape from him and was running desperately down the road. Luckily a police patrol car was going down that way that he was busted. Dahmer was sentenced to nine hundred years in jail, but was found dead in his prison in 1994.

5. Colin Ireland

Colin Ireland was a former British soldier who decided to become a serial killer. His first victim was theatre director Peter Walker. He stripped him naked and tied him to the bed before strangling him. Before leaving his residence, he called the police to alert them to the crime. He got away with five murders before the law caught up with him.

6. Dennis Nilsen

Self-professed loner Dennis Linsen had driven at least fifteen young men and boys, probably more, to their deaths. Nilsen would cut up and burn the dead bodies once he was done with them and then flush them down the drain. The plumber decided to have the pieces analyzed and was shocked to discover the pieces to be human flesh. In 1983 he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

7. Joachim Kroll

Born in 1933, Joachim Kroll was a serial killer and cannibal from Germany who had killed and eaten thirteen people, including little children, during his reign of terror. He was finally caught in 1976. He was ordered to serve nine life sentences. But he died in 1991 of a heart attack.

8. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo: Ukrainian serial killer, was truly one of the most wicked and threatening men ever to have walked the earth. Born in 1933, He was captured in 1990 and went to trial in 1992. During the trial process, he was kept in a cage at the centre of the courtroom, ironically for his own protection. A firing squad was dispatched to finish him and he was killed by a single bullet at the back of his head.

9. Ted Bundy

The most notorious serial killer in the US history, Ted Bundy is famous for all the wrong reasons. Born in 1946, he raped and murdered an unidentified number of young women from 1974 to 1978. He was supposed to be quite good looking and charming and would always single out his victims in a highly public place. He was caught and executed through the electric chair on 24th January 1989. His last words were, “I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

10. Gilles De Rais

A man who can be called the father of serial killing. It is especially sad because prior to turning to a life of crime, he was a celebrated military captain in the army of St Joan of Arc. Born in 1404, Gilles De Rais raped, tortured and killed hundreds of little children, mostly boys. His servants were left to burn the bodies in the fire place and clean the room bathing in blood.

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