10 Most Popular Car Companies

The automobile is not the name of an industry or business, it is the name of a world. Like other basic needs food, water, residence, health, and education it is also the part of our basic need and daily life. In fact, a huge share of the manufacturing industry is captured by the automobiles industry. Here we will discuss the most popular car companies among a lot of automobile manufacturing companies.

1. Ferrari

Ferrari is known for its luxurious and dashing cars. It is the most popular car company of the world. When it comes to speed, quality and latest technology then there is no comparison of Ferrari. In fact every brand and range of Ferrari car is unique and has no comparison with its other brands. California T, 458 Italia, FF, 458 Spider, LaFerrari, F12 Berlinetta and Ferrari 458 Speciale are its most prominent models. Ferrari has announced the production of Bio-fuel and hybrid cars by 2015.

2. Skoda

The next most popular car company of our list is Skoda. In central Europe it is the largest car manufacturer company as well. It has the record of among five oldest car manufacturing companies of the world. A wide range of family models, city models, business models and outdoor models is being offered by the Skoda. All its brands are made of top quality, guaranteed, long service and 100% functional product. Skoda is providing 2 years warranty for all its genuine parts. Fabia, Rapid, Yeti, Octavia and Superb are its popular brands.

3. Mercedes-Benz

Now we will discuss about third most popular car company, Mercedes-Benz. Since 1926, it is manufacturing trucks, buses, coaches and luxury vehicles. But Mercedes Benz is most famous for its luxurious and lush cars. In addition to its native manufacturing country, Germany, its vehicles and spare parts are also manufactured in 26 countries of the world. All its products comes with high quality, personality and prestige. SLS AMG, AMG GT, C-Class Sedan, M-Class SUV, SL-Class Roadster and B-Class Electric are its famous products.

4. Toyota

The fourth popular car company in the world and first largest automobile company of Japan. If talk about sale and revenue there is no comparison of Japan. In which sphere of technology and innovation Toyota is not dealing. Toyota cars have the successful track record of safety and durability. You are not bound to purchase any specific brand on showroom. You can build your own car by placing your desired order. Every year before the starts of next year, Toyota comes with its new models. Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Yaris, Prius c & v, Camry Hybrid and Avalon Hybrid are its popular models.

5. Audi

Another most popular car of our list. After Mercedes Benz it is the second largest automobile company of Germany. After Germany, its production facilities are spread in 11 countries. Audi is popular for its sophisticated and highly featured cars. All cars are manufactured with innovative technology keeping in view the needs of drivers. Surely Audi is the hallmark of engineering art. Its products are placed into market after safety and environment tests. Sedans, Convertible and SUVs are its most popular models.

6. Ford

A brand from America. Ford is famous for its commercials and luxury cars. Lincoln is the brand name of its luxury cars. After General Motors, it is the second largest automaker of USA. In 2010 it was declared as the fifth largest vehicle sales company. In start of automobiles industry most of the innovation and technologies in cars were introduced by Ford. Its new Fusion Model 2015, with brilliant and smart technology, is ready to make the history. Focus, Fusion, Mustang and C-max are its popular models.

7. Bugatti

Let’s talk about our next popular car company, which is Bugatti. Bugatti cars are famous for low weight and high speed. In stylish beauty and design no car have comparison with Bugatti. For those who have lot of money and searching for a new car than Bugatti Veyron is the best choice to purchases. However, all its models are made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Bugatti mostly suites to car racers. Bugatti Grand Sport, Bugatti Super Sport, Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Vitesse are the best products to experience.

8. Rolls Royce

The most luxurious and expensive cars of automobile industry. A product which is established for rich and wealthy people of the world. All its model are marvelous but Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon is the hallmark of Rolls Royce. All you can think and imagine about a luxurious car will be definitely available in this car. Its Ghost and Wraith series are also worthy to check.

9. Porsche

The second last popular car company of the world. It is the third largest popular car company of Germany. Porsche is famous for its sports cars, super cars and super cars. In 2006, it was declared with the award of most prestigious and luxurious cars of the history. Boxster, Cayman, 911, 918 Spyder, Macan, Cayeme and Panamera are its latest and popular models. You can build your own Porsche according to your own specifications.

10. Volkswagen

Another car company from Germany, Volkswagen. Its three models Volkswagen Golf, Beetle and Passat has the fame of best selling cars of all the time. In 2011, it was declared as the first automaker, who spends most money on research and innovation. Touran, New Jetta, Golf SV, New Scirocco, Tiguan, New Passat Estate and Volkswagen CC are popular brand in its cart.

Note: This list is based on the survey of 2014 Car Brand Perception Survey, Consumer Report 2014 and The Telegraph.

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