10 Most Popular Dream Cars

Dreaming for a luxurious, glamorous, lush, and stylish lifestyle is a common phenomenon in teenagers. Luxurious cars remain in the imagination of some persons, and some managed to buy them. Most are wealthy enough that they frequently changed the models, whenever there is a new arrival in the market. If you are dreaming, then dream for big. Following is the list of 10 most dream cars, which people want to see in their car porch.

1. Ferrari 458 Italia

When it comes to dream cars, then Ferrari is the first option to imagine. But its lush model, Ferrari 458 Italia, is worthy to see. Keeping in view the advanced and latest technology, Ferrari has presented its hallmark with an entirely new design. What is not in this car. V8 engine, 7-speed gearbox and up to 325km/h speed will not only surprise you, but your friends will also be astonished. Ferrari 458 Italia is not made for the wealthiest person. It is made for lucky persons.

2. Porsche Boxster

It is not surprising that the Porsche Boxster is the dream of millions. A two-seat passenger car is available in base automatic, base manual, S automatic, S manual, GTS manual, and GTS automatic configuration. Have you ever seen it in white color? You will evidently desire for it at the moment. All its series like Boxster, Boxster S and Boxster GTS are worth to purchase. Although money is not in your hand dream is in your hand. So dream for big.

3. McLaren 650S

The list will not end so quickly. Another dream is waiting for you in the form of McLaren 650S. A car with a cost of $265,000 price will surely be the dream. But this dream is not an ordinary one. Imagine a stylish white car, seven gear with automatic dual-clutch, faux suede designed interior and polished and bright carbon fiber will inevitably force you to have a dream for this car situating in your porch.

4. Rolls Royce Phantom

All your dreams of cars are incomplete without Rolls Royce Phantom. A product that is made by hand for customers. Experts of Rolls Royce has crafted this masterpiece, and 60 hands of French polish maker have increased its beauty. This masterpiece is the status symbol of many richest and elite class persons. Phantom is a dream nears to an impossible dream, which hardly comes to true.

5. Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Two kinds of car lover in the world first who buy the Mercedes Bens and second are those who dream for Mercedes Benz. Only lucky persons can purchase and dream for Mercedes Benz. This is about the brand, but what will be your condition when you see its highly technological model, S63 AMG? A model when runs shake the earth.

6. Ford Mustang

This list will be incomplete without mentioning the Ford, Mustang. Surely in the past, you will have never explore a car like Ford, Mustang. Who can imagine that a car with EcoBoost engine, powerful GT, perfectly & efficiently maintained power system, high suspension and grace of controlling system can range from $23,600 to $41,600.

7. Audi S8

After watching Audi S8, there is confusion either all the above-mentioned cars are best are Audi S8 is best. An icon and sign of the status of professionals and business persons. Surely Audi S8 will upgrade your personality and charisma. The exterior is as beautiful as the interior. Seats made of valcona leather to comfort your ride. LED headlights when coming from darkness will surely magnify and captivate the viewers with their charms.

8. Tesla Model S

Another car to dream is Tesla Model S. Whatever you can expect from an electric car, this car will surely provide you. The aluminum body on a steel frame has increased its durability. A five-seater car which can be extended up to seven seats. The good news is that its price is not so high like other luxurious cars. If you want to purchase an inexpensive luxurious car, then Tesla Model S is the best choice. Its cost is $94,390.

9. Jaguar XF/XJ

A dream designed by a multinational car maker company, Jaguar Land Rover. If you are interested in Jaguar then go for Jaguar XF or XJ. Fabulous and luxurious interior and gorgeous exterior designed car with modern and spirited technology will surely captivate you. Well designed and graceful handling will undoubtedly compel you to buy this car.

10. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Every dream is neither impossible nor harder to achieve. If you are running short of budget then no problem. With a budget of $35,000, you can manage a car that can be compared with highly lush cars. Go and check for its latest model, Lancer Evolution. Guaranteed! You will get shocked after watching this inexpensive and highly featured model. Mitsubishi will never let you down in fulfilling your desire.

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