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10 Most Popular Electronics Brands

Almost everybody has to deal with electronics products in their daily life in shape of home appliances, kitchens instruments, entertainment instruments, vehicles and office appliances. In short, electronics products have dominated our world and giving us benefits in every field of life. It is impossible to run the life without the help of any electronics product. Following is the list of 10 most popular electronics brands.

1. Apple Inc.

There were three unique apples in the world. First, which Adam ate on desire of Eva and the life on the earth begun. Second apple, which was dropped on Newton’s head and law of gravity was introduced. Third was introduced by Apple Inc. that laid the foundation stone of latest technology. Many of us knows Apple Inc about its smart phones. But the fact is that it also deals in Apple TV, Apple Watch and multiple software. It is an American multinational company operative since April 1, 1976. At that time its value is $171B.

2. Samsung

Samsung is divided into two portions. Samsung electric and Samsung Electronics. Now Samsung is Samsung Electronics established in 1988, Korea (South Korea). If the matter is durability, design and advance technology then answer will be Samsung. In whole field of electronics, Samsung has left foot print of success and achievements. Besides whole product, it is popular for electronic accessories and spare parts. Samsung manufactured lithium ion batteries, semiconductors, chips and hardware for Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia. Samsung is most popular for its LCD, LED, mobile phones, semiconductors, TVs, wireless and networking instruments.

3. Sony

If debate is about electronic and vehicles then Japan will be surely in the list. Sony is the famous electronic brand of the world from Japan, founded in May 7, 1946. It is the oldest electronic brand of the world as well. It deals in TV, home audio & home theater, digital cameras, video cameras, portable audio, mobile phones & tablets, game play station, broadcast and business solutions devices, semiconductors, computer hardware and telecom equipment. It is the third largest TV manufacturer of the world as well.

4. Hitachi

Another brand from Japan. Surely, some Asian countries are the leading electronics brands in the world. Hitachi is the oldest electronic brand from Japan, founded in 1910. Hitachi deals in over 11 different business segments. It deals in LCDs, medical electronics, power tools and semiconductors. It is most popular for its LCDs and medical instruments (medical imaging system, MRI systems), video and audio devices, production and inspection instruments and power tools. What makes Hitachi a most popular electronic brands is its lightweight and low power electronics products.

5. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Next brand which is most popular for its computing devices and accessories. HP is an American multinational brand, formed in January 1, 1939. HP is the leading computer hardware and software brand of the world. HP is specialized in computer and networking software and hardware, designing software, printers (Inkjet & Laser Jet), scanners, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and photocopier machines. World of computers and laptops will be dominate by HP for a longtime.

6. LG

A brand which deals in every sphere of necessary requirements. LG is the next popular electronics brands from South Korea, established in January 5, 1947. LG has touched the every electronics parts and products and earn the fame. Either it is home entertainment or appliances or commercial or IT products. LG is famous for its massive range of TVs (plasma TVs & 3D TVs), audio & video devices, mobile and smart phones, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, ovens and stoves, monitors, data storage, LED lights and ACs.

7. Panasonic

Turn back to Japan again. Another most popular electronic brand of Japan, Panasonic, founded in March 13, 1918. Besides others electronics products, it is the fourth largest TVs manufacturers of the world. Today it is among the largest electronic brands of the Japan and most popular in North America, Europe, India and Indonesia. Panasonic has the record of introducing wide range of cameras, mobile phones, TVs, Toughbook field computer, washing machines, ACs, compressors, personal computers, projectors, semiconductors, batteries and electrical components.

8. Toshiba

Here comes another electronic brand from Japan, Toshiba, formed in 1875. But the name of Toshiba was established in 1978. In personal computers, Toshiba is the fifth largest computers seller and manufacturer of the world. Toshiba has introduced a wide range of laptops, ACs, TVs, DVD, Blu-ray players, traffic control systems, elevators, escalators, refrigerators, washing machines, lighting materials, medical equipments, semiconductors, etc.

9. Philips

Finally there is a brand outside of Asia and America. Phillips is the next most popular electronic brand of the world belong to Netherlands. It was founded in May 15, 1891. It is most popular in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America. Although Philips is known for its smart phones, audio and video equipment, computer accessories and TVs but now Philips has made a good name in healthcare products like CT scanners, ECG instruments, MRI scanners, X-Ray equipment, ultrasound equipment, etc. Saying this will not be wrong that Philips is the leading manufacturer of electronic healthcare products.

10. Acer

Time to pack up with an Asian electronics brand. Acer is the last most popular brand of our list from Taiwan, established in 1976. Acer is most popular for its computing devices and related accessories and spare parts. Its products are most popular in North America, Europe, Australia and India. It deals in desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, nettops, chromebooks, monitors, networks, mobile phones, projectors, servers, storage devices, tablets and TVs. Designs and styles of Acer products are outclass.

Note: This list is based on the research of Forbes and 24/7 Wall Street.

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