10 Most Popular Inventions That Changed Human Lives Forever

It is difficult to evaluate which inventions changed the lives of people and made them live a better and comfortable life. Many inventions have been useful for men, in one way or another. But there are some inventions that really changed the living standards of people all around the world.

1. Wheel

Wheel is one of the inventions that has proved to be the most beneficial. For traveling purpose, for covering long distances, wheels have been very important. From steering wheel to the tires, it’s playing the role it is supposed to, everywhere. If this invention wouldn’t have taken place then these huge building wouldn’t have been there, there would have been no vehicles, no such facility.

2. Plastic

Portability of plastic is what has made it so important. From water bottles to different equipments, it has been one of the most portable invention. Plastic is an insulator and that adds to it’s importance. Although one of the most irritating factor about plastic is it’s durability, now a days.

3. Printing

Just think for a moment, printing has revolutionized the world in a drastic way. There would have been no books, no literally, nothing in black and white if printers wouldn’t have been there. Now a days, invention of colored printers has also opened new horizons. For the progress of literacy rate all around the world, we actually owe to the printing press.

4. Electricity

Of course, needless to say that it is one of the most important thing in our lives. We are so much relayed upon it. From water motors, to our appliances, electricity is everywhere. We can’t even exist for a minute without it now.

5. Paper

Yes! Paper and pen, both has played their roles in boosting up the literacy rate. If there wouldn’t have been no paper then there would’ve been no concept of written documents. Paper brought authenticity along.

6. Steam Engines

They were definitely a very important invention for the mankind. They served as a powerful fuel for locomotive purpose. People started to cover large and medium distances very easily with the help of these steam engines and it was not even that expensive.

7. Automobiles

Of course, after steam engines, we really needed something with less sound and heat energy. So we opted for various automobiles. We can now cover distances in a jiffy! Man wants more, his needs never die! And that’s why, one invention after another started to hit the world.

8. Airplanes

This was truly the progress. Steam engines, automobiles and then airplanes. Thanks to Wright Brothers. They really invented something very useful for covering huge distances without traffic and noise. It is truly a very quick mode of transportation.

9. Telephone

Not always you can catch a flight and go to meet your loved ones. Right? We needed something more spontaneous. That’s when telephone came into play. It brought people together, it connected people living in different parts of the world. It was a blessing, truly.

10. World Wide Web (WWW)

After all these inventions in sequence, men wanted more. And more. That is when WWW hit the world also called ‘Internet’. People were able to send mails, receive mails, stay connected to anybody living in any part of the world. It has much faster pace than anything else.

Aaric Hale

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