10 Most Richest Football Clubs in the World

Many football clubs has emerged but there are some clubs which became notorious, rich and even people’s favorite. Football is a sport which is watched by people of all age groups and some fans like keeping tabs on every aspect of their favorite football club. Here is the list of one aspect of football clubs, hope that their fans will have fun reading this article.

1. Real Madrid

Truly, Real Madrid is the most richest football club. They are are number 1 position in terms of their annual turnover of a huge sum of money. After signing Christiano Ronaldo and Bale, they’re performing really well and that’s helping to boost up their annual turnover. They have maintained their annual turnover as compared to their last year’s turnover. So, that’s a good sign and that is what has made Real Madrid as the most richest football club then any sports team in the world.

2. FC Barcelona

It’s originally a Spanish team. It has got very expensive players like, Messi, Neymar, Suarez and many more. It has won La Liga as well the Champions League. Their annual turnover is very high and it had maintained the number 2 spot according to Forbes.

3. Manchester United

It’s an English team. Manchester United is at number 3 according to Forbes list of 2015 and it is considered to be a favorite team of so many people around the world. Manchester United has got the world’s best and the most largest stadium. Manchester United’s previous coach, Sir Alex helped this team in winning many trophies and embracing many titles. He even bought expensive players like Christiano Ronadlo. The club’s high reserves have led to a belief that they have made a £100 declaration for Bale this year.

4. Bayern Munich

This club is at nunnery 4 spot according to Forbes and also according to it’s annual turnover. Apart from the fact that it has got some real good players and a very handsome coach, Munich has signed their kits deal with Adidas for the next 10 years. And surely, Adidas is one of the leading brands. It’s the most successful German club, till date.

5. Manchester City

Manchester City is also one of the richest football clubs. It’s annual turnover is somewhat around 562 Dollars. It has gained a massive improvement in their turnover from last year. It’s is owned by Shiekh Mansour and undoubtedly, Shiekh’shands are there behind it’s prosperity.

6. Chelsea

Chelsea is an English club, it has also shown a drastic rise in it’s position. It’s owned by Roman Abramovich. It has got some really potential players like Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, Oscar and many more.

7. Arsenal

Arsenal is another English club and it is the 7th most richest football clubs according to Forbes. Arsenal has recently signed a deal kit with Puma brand, it’s a five year deal.

8. Liverpool

Liverpool is the lowest ranked English club but it has still got some really good players like Gerrard, Mario, Wark, Lee and many more. It has performed tremendously well in this year’s Champion’s league

9. Juventus

Juventus are this year Champion League’s finalist and has performed very well in the league. It is the most oldest Italian club and one of the richest now. It has been getting the domestic league title since last three continuous years.

10. AC Milan

AC Milan is also one of richest football teams. Emirates airline has signed a sponsorship deal with this club, for five years from now. Their struggle on the pitch is commendable.

NOTE: The aforementioned content has been taken after thorough research from various websites including telegraph.co.uk, gulfnews.com, wikipedia.com (Forbes list), sporteology.com. This content is according to the latest or current analysis, which can definitely change over time . No personal comments or analysis has been put into words.

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