10 Most Wanted Jobs in Australia

It is no secret that Australia has been suffering from a lack of talent in its business sector, with many organizations and companies all over the country failing to fill key positions in their infrastructure. Australia is in dire need of talent across all of its many industries, and personnel of some specific expertise is in much higher demand than others. Many people wonder exactly which of the many jobs in Australia are in the most demand, so the following are the ten most in-demand job positions in the entirety of the country:

1. Sales Representatives

The fact that sales is not every person’s cup of tea and that there are not many people willing to go door to door to promote and sell products or services should definitely not come as a shock. Sales representatives are quite fundamental to the success of many different kinds of businesses, which is why they are in quite high demand throughout the country. In addition, those who have a gift for sales can definitely make something out of the sales representative position.

2. Skilled Trades

Some of the most common tradespersons include chefs, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, tailors, carpenters and hairdressers. Skilled trades are not something everyone is good at, but those who actually are good at any one of the many skilled trades can earn quite a lot of profit through the hands-on and practical work that the skilled trades come with. In addition, tradespersons also enjoy the benefit of not being bound to a desk.

3. Management Staff

Last, but certainly not the least, there is also significantly high demand for management and executive staff, such as the likes of managers, in Australia. Being a part of a company’s management staff is more than ideal for any person who has amazing communication skills, is a born leader and is more than capable of making sure that the team they lead works together.

4. IT Staff

Information Technology is the gateway to the future, which is why businesses all across the globe have started incorporating as much Information Technology into the work they do as they possibly can. Where there is Information Technology, there have to be specialists who can tame Information Technology, make it bend to their will and fix it in the event that it breaks, and these specialists are IT personnel.

5. Technicians

Every office across the country needs people who understand how every piece of technology in the establishment works and know their inner most secrets. These people are aptly referred to as ‘technicians’, and a team of technicians to make sure that all the technology in an office runs smoothly and any breakdowns or kinks are dealt with almost immediately is a staple for every single business out there.

6. Mechanics

From logistics companies to companies that manufacture and vend toys, most businesses require transport, for the purpose of which they use vehicles. Like everything else mechanical, vehicles are prone to breaking down or needing to be tended to. Mechanics are professionals whose sole purpose is to fix vehicles and deal with any issues pertaining to them, and every business that uses vehicles of any kind needs to have a team of mechanics under its employ.

7. Engineers

An engineer is what you get when you combine an innovative and creative person who is not afraid to think outside the box, everything we know about how things work and the practical applications of science. From designing faster and more fuel-efficient vehicles to creating blueprints for more feasible and more unique buildings, engineers can do anything, and that is exactly why they are in high demand in Australia.

8. Customer Support Staff

Every business, whether it is based in Australia or otherwise, has to have an entire division dedicated to nothing but heeding to what clients have to say and helping them out with whatever they need. This division is the customer support division, and most of the customer support divisions across Australia are in need of customer service representatives and any other personnel that these divisions might need.

9. Office Support Staff

Australia also has a high demand for people who have a system for everything, are amazing at organizing stuff and are as efficient as a person could possibly be. Australian businesses are almost always looking to hire office administration and office support staff such as the likes of Secretaries and Personal Assistants, among a number of other prominent office administration positions.

10. Finance Staff

There is always room for new employees in the accounts or finance department of the typical business, and in the case of Australia, finance staff is in high demand. A career in the field of accounting or finance can be extremely lucrative for anyone who is good with numbers, and such a career also provides a person with the opportunity to make the best possible financial decisions for the firm they work for.

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