10 Oldest Civilizations in the World

The word civilization stands for a complex society in which urban development, social satisfaction, writing system or language, socio political-economical system and to some extent natural environment remains common. Most of the civilization still exist int he world. There are also some ancient civilizations that history forgot and some had been totally destroyed. Following is the list of 10 oldest civilizations in the world.

1. Mesopotamia

First, there is Mesopotamia civilization in the list and its history started from 10,000 to 8700 BC. The word Mesopotamia means the land of rivers. This civilization is still in existence. Modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, the northeastern area of Syria, some areas of southeastern Turkey and some parts of southwestern Iran were the part of Mesopotamia civilization. It had been remained under the control of different emperors form The Age of Periodization to Late Antiquity.

2. Indus Valley

Next, it was the civilization of Indus Valley, which was started in the early food-producing era of 7000 BC. Harappa was the popular nation of this civilization. They were experts in authority, governance system, technology, arts & crafts, and writing system. Indus Valley Civilization was considered as the most polite civilization of the world. It was flourished to northeast Afghanistan, complete Pakistan and northwest India.

3. Ancient Egypt

Next, it was the civilization of Ancient Egypt the most technological, wisest and intelligent civilization of the world. Its inception was started in 3100 BC and it lasted for almost 2500 years. After that, it changed from classical antiquity to middle ages to early modern to modern Egypt. Pyramids of Giza were buildup in ancient Egypt time. It was lived near the Nile River. Northeastern Africa and modern-day Egypt were part of this civilization.

4. Maya Civilization

The next oldest civilization was the most flourished civilization of Central America lasted from 2600 BC to 250 AD. Maya Civilization was an expert in the writing system, mythology, mathematics, architecture, dance, art, textiles, trade, music, dance, medicine and astronomical system. Modern southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco and northern Central America were part of this civilization.

5. Chinese Civilization

At number five it is Chinese Civilization or Ancient China or Han China. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world which was lasted for many years. Their history was started in 2100 BC. Xia Dynasty was the first ruler in 2070 BC, who ruled entire China. Paper, printing, compass, alcohol, gunpowder was invented by the Chinese Civilization.

6. Ancient Greece

Next, it was the civilization of Greek history that lasted from 800 BC to 500 BC, from the Archaic Period to the Age of Antiquity. Classical Greek culture had a powerful influence on the world, especially on The Roman Empire. The foundation of Western culture was laid by Classical Greek culture. History Olympics was developed by also ancient Greece. Moreover, they were experts in political structure, social structure, education, economy, warfare, literature, philosophy, science, and technology.

7. Persian Civilization

Once it was a time when Persian civilization was considered as the powerful and technological civilization of the world along with Roman and Greece civilizations. Persian civilization lasted for a few years but its history was 550 BC year old. Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in 530 BC and Persian civilization was then ended after that. Southern parts of Egypt, Iran, eastern parts of India and few parts of Greece were the parts of The Persian Civilization.

8. Roman Civilization

The history of Roman Civilization is full of myths. But it is also the fact that it was the most powerful civilization of the world. Roman Empire among those empires who ruled on the big area of the world. Present Mediterranean sea were the part of ancient Rome. Civilization of Roman was started around 600 BC. Powerful emperor of the world like Julius Caesar, Trajan and Augustus ruled on this civilization. Barbarians of north and east Europe destroyed this civilization.

9. Aztec Civilization

The next oldest civilization in the world was The Aztec Civilization who came into power when The Inca Civilization was emerging. History of The Aztec Civilization was started in 13 century when a nomadic tribe of northern Mexico arrived in Mesoamerica. In central Mexico, it was the most powerful force that was proficient in social, political, religious, economical and commercial system. The Mayan Civilization of Central America overrun this civilization.

10. Inca Civilization

In last it is The Inca Civilization, another most oldest civilization of the world. Its people were also called children of the Sun. Their history is very interesting as they used to live on a mountain. Present-day Peru, Chile, and Ecuador were the part of this civilization. Its civilization started in the 1300 century. It is considered as the very peaceful civilization of the world that’s why they used to live in the mountains.

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