10 Popular Black Actors of all Times

Those people who are great fans of Hollywood movies know that black actors are as good and talented as white actors. They are more known for their spontaneous dialogue delivery and sense of humor. They act naturally and they put perfection into whatever they do. The difference in color has been the biggest difference in mankind, very sadly. But black people have broken the wall of demarcation with their talent. Here is the list of top 10 popular and favorite black actors of all times.

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has to top the list. Its no surprise seeing him at the top of the list. It has always been a pleasure to watch and hear Morgan Freeman. Be it Bruce Almighty, The dark knight or million dollar baby, Morgan has always emerged as the best actor. He has the capability to play each and every role given to him. He is truly the best black actor and even the best actor in entire Hollywood.

2. Don Cheadle

This man made his debut with the movie, ‘hotel Rwanda’. He is now a producer too. His movies are really stunning and amazing to watch. He had also played supporting role in Iron man and Iron man 2 as well. He has also won a golden globe award.

3. Will Smith

Who doesn’t know about this legendary actor? He is one of the most cutest Hollywood actor alive. He is an American actor who is also regarded as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. He has always been in the Oscar nominations for the best actor award. Be it the pursuit of happiness, bad boys, men in black or the independence day, his movies have always been very captivating.

4. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is basically an American stand-up comedian. He is the second highest grossing actor of Hollywood. He is very successful and is considered as the lucky charm of his movies. One of his biggest hits was ‘Harlem nights’. Apart from that, his hits also includes “Beverly hills Cop series”, “trading places” and many more movies worth watching.

5. Denzel Washington

He is an American actor who made his debut in a television film. His work speaks for itself, he has even passed over for an Oscar many times. Man of fire, mighty Quinn, inside man, the bone collector, out of time, glory or any other of Denzel’s movie, there has always been something unique about his every single movie.

6. Samuel L. Jackson

When this man speaks, it seems like a poetry coming out of his mouth. He is one amazing and brilliant actor. He has contributed in more than 100 movies and has been serving Hollywood since quite a long period of time. His most famous includes, Jurassic park, the incredible, unbreakable and many more.

7. Danny Glover

‘SAW’ was the biggest hit of Danny Glover. He is an American actor who has been serving Hollywood for more than 24 years. He also do social service and is quite known for it. Movies like predator 2 and lethal weapon has proved him to be the best.

8. Jamie Foxx

Jamie is an American actor and a stand-up comedian. He made his debut in the movie, ‘toy’. He is considered to be one of the best black actors. He has also been casted in collateral with Tom Cruise.

9. Forest Whitaker

He is considered to be really under rated Hollywood actor. His movies like, last king of Scotland, the color of money and many more such movies has proved him to be one of the best black actors. He can easily get into any kind of role and make the best out of it. He is truly a gem in the Hollywood industry.

10. Laurence Fishburne

His movie, Thourgood Marshall, has truly proved to be one of the best Hollywood movies of all times. His acting in that particular movie has been praised a lot. No other actor could have played his role better than he, himself did. He is one of the greatest actors.

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