10 Popular Commercial Aircrafts in the World

Wish to go for a long family holiday, to a foreign country? Too bad, but your car or bike won’t help you out with that. Aircraft is the only solution to your problem. The most popular aircrafts are definitely the best ones. And the best aircrafts supply you with the comfort, speed and all the luxuries you want to enjoy while you go on a holiday. The most popular commercial aircrafts are listed below.

1. Airbus A320

The airbus can accommodate up to 220 passengers and is a commercial passenger Jet airliner. It has gone a lot of changes as compared to the first design. It has gone over changes so many times. Now a days, it is one of the most preferred economy class commercial aircraft. It is a budget aircraft increasing the company’s profit dramatically over time.

2. Airbus A330

This airbus can accommodate around 335 passengers. It could also be used as a cargo because it is capable of bearing huge weight. This aircraft has a very stable and precise designing. It has very good services and a very fine seating arrangement and other facilities as well. In technical aspects also, it has gain a very good reputation among other aircrafts. Ticket cost is totally worth all the facilities provided by this aircraft.

3. Concorde

Concorde is a supersonic passenger airline which was developed for the first commercial flight for the operator ‘British Airways’. Concorde wasn’t able to last any longer. It was a project developed by UK and France companies. It had low delta wings which helped it in flying at a greater altitude. The noise of this aircraft was one of the biggest problem. Heating and structural issues took it down. But every passenger who has traveled in Concorde has definitely enjoyed to an utmost level.

4. MD-11

MD-11 has three engines and is the improved version of MD-10. It is a very well known economy passenger flight and even a cargo aircraft. It is used by various cargoes like, FedEx, DHL, Express and many more. It has a very high technicality and a very good control.

5. Airbus A380

It is the world’s largest passenger airline. It is also known as the wonder machine and many airports around the world has set up enough space at their airports to accommodate this airplane. It is one of the most expensive aircrafts built. The best machines are used for its manufacture. It serves Emirates, Quantas, Singapore Airlines.

6. Boeing 777

It is considered as the most high technology plane. It provides with a perfect combination of comfort, style and all other facilities. It has avast seating capacity of 450 passengers. It also considered as one of the most safest flight, all thanks to the technical high quality. It gives you the feel of being in a 5 star hotel, it is so luxurious.

7. Boeing 787

It is also a very luxurious aircraft, having high pressurized cabins. It is known to be one of the most advanced and very keenly designed airplane. It is very comfortable, even the flight attendants find it a pleasure to work on this aircraft. And apart from all these perks, they are considered as the most popular jet worldwide. It is successful, popular and recognizable.

8. Boeing 737

Although it is not as beautiful as other aircrafts but it has proved to be one of the biggest workhouse. It could easily carry 215 passengers. It has also been used for army purpose, it has also faced a few accidents and incidents. United Airlines and American Airlines are some of its big operators.

9. McDonnell Douglas DC-10

It was the first jumbo aircraft manufactured and currently it serves as a cargo aircraft. It carries a maximum of 380 passengers. It has a better landing mechanism and it provides a large cargo, storage. It has been involved in 52 accidents.

10. Boeing 747

It was an original concept and a lot of paper work was done to put this concept into an invention. It has truly changed the aviation industry and now it is one of the most fastest, longest aircraft. It is known to be the real ruler of the sky and remains the most graceful aircraft today.

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