10 Popular Math Games for Teachers to Use in the Classroom


Number of books and materials are available in the markets to enhance the mathematics skills of the students. In fact, basic math is a game of trick and if we made the student able to learn those tricks and methods than their concept about basic math can be increased. Following is the list of 10 best math games for teachers to use in classroom. All are free and all you need just to print out them or use household items and spare parts to start.

1. Hundred Board Logic

Hundred Board Logic is a best math game to increase the subtraction, multiplication, subtraction, multiplication and common problem solving skills of the students. In this game, students solve the problems clue by clue and learn the use of mathematics principles, money and measurements units.

2. Time Worksheets

Time Worksheets are an easy to use, very flexible and great resources for children of Kindergarten (KG), 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade. After using these sheets, students will be able to learn about how to calculate the time.

3. The Ten Digits

The Ten Digits is a number system based on ten. With the use of only ten symbols or digit student can write any number. This game will provide the step by step calculation of a number and will make able the children to learn math very quickly.

4. Addition/Subtraction Sorting

Addition/Subtraction Sorting is another interesting math game to enhance the basic concepts of math of the students from KG to Grade 1. Students have to sort the question of addition and subtraction with their respective answers in an answer labeled box.

5. PEMADS Worksheets

PEMADS Worksheets are basically used to teach the students the rules of order that calculations should be performed. You may select degree of difficulty to be either easy or hard. Moreover, you can also modify these sheets to clear the English alphabets order concept of students.

6. Estimation

Estimation is a best game for KG to Grade 8 level students to learn applied math, arithmetic, geometry, measurement and statistics. Use popcorn or grain to learn about place value, estimating, graphing and many more math concepts.

7. Hula Hoop Clock

Hula Hoop Clock By making the clock on your white board using a hula hoop, you can also teach the student how to check the time. Ask the children to draw the image of specific time on white board in the hula hoop.

8. Decimal Place Value

Decimal Place Value is a chart to teach the students how to read and write decimal numbers. By this game, student will be able to make the difference between a whole number and a decimal number. Moreover, subtraction, multiplication, addition and division of decimal numbers can also learn through this chart based game.

9. Math Evolve

Math Evolve produced problems with elapsed days, weeks, months, and years. Math Evolve produces 10 problems per page into nine international languages. You can create time worksheets according to your own requirement to give the comprehensive knowledge of time, days and year calculation to the student of KF, 1st to 3rd Grade.

10. Percent Worksheets

Percent Worksheets are great for practicing percentage calculations like converting between percents, decimals and fractions. In these sheets you can create problems according to your own requirement and level of students.

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