10 Simple Tips to Improve your Handwriting

Have you ever scored less in a quiz or a test only because of your writing? Just because the teacher finds your friend’s writing more ‘appealing’ than yours? Well, it happens a lot. A lot of people want to make their writing better. Because wiring leaves the very first impression on your teachers. Here are some simple tips to improve your handwriting.

1. No Force Required, Go Slow

Some kids, they writing forcibly, pushing their pencils or pens with a force towards the paper while they are writing, this will just mess up your writing. So, always go slow. Smooth writing comes with ease and comfort. Hold the pencil or pen from where you can write comfortably. Do not move your pen much while writing, or it will mess it up. So the first step is to be comfortable while you write.

2. Change Your Sword

As they say, a pen is mightier than a sword. So try using different pens and pencils to improve your writing. Don’t stick to just one. First, start with a pencil then gradually move onto using pens. After practice you can even write with pain brushes, very easily.

3. Perfection Requires Practice

No matter what you do, you need to practice. Practice, practice and practice. These are the key words for one’s success. With efficient practice, you can improve your handwriting within days. Then you can even use bold markets, ink pens, pain brushes and even sketch pens.

4. Posture Correction

Sir straight up when you write! Don’t bend too much or else you’ll worn out very easily. Sit right and write right. Prefer sitting it on a chair when you write. Be attentive and follow the movement of your own pen or pencil while you write. This will help you in concentrating even better. Write smoothly and easily.

5. Ruled Sheets

Initially, many teachers advice you to write on lines, like using a ruled sheet. They have lines over them and kids can write efficiently, without drifting away from the line. Correct aligning of text is done when you teach your child to write on lines first and not a plain paper.

6. Two Fingers Space

It is the rule of thumb that you have to teach your child. In writing English, two fingers space should be given between every single word. That doesn’t make your writing looks messy. If your words tend to stick together too much and makes it look messy then you should follow this rule. You’ll write tidily then.

7. Do Not Let Them Lean Much

It’s totally your choice how you want to write. As in, which font do you want to opt for. Be it italics, or joining, or simple. But just don’t let your worlds slant too much, to right or to left. It looks messier and they’re difficult to read that way. Try to write straight, it will make your writing more beautiful.

8. Be Creative

Don’t copy your friend’s writing and don’t go for the same pen as your friend’s. Make your own style statement, in terms of writing. Be creative. You be the best judge of your own self. You can choose which pen suits your writing the best. Don’t copy others, be creative enough.

9. Improve Your Grip

You should opt for pens and pencils, you’re most comfortable with. Don’t go for the catchy ones just for the sake of fashion. Use the material which suits you best. You don’t want to take risks when it’s about good writing. So, when you hold a pen, your grip should be perfect. You don’t want the pen to slip down while writing. That will be not good. Improve your grip by practicing more and more.

10. Slow Down

It’s not a race! You don’t have to win a horse race or anything like that. It will only mess things up. So, write slowly and easily. It will make your writing more beautiful. Don’t rush while writing. Slow down your pace especially when you’re practicing. You can even make uniform lines on paper if you wish to practice.

Aaric Hale

Aaric Hale is a writer whose expertise includes an array of topics across several industries—having done several articles on science, history, and the latest trends. Interested in the act of learning itself, he tries to keep his mind busy with exploring histories, global news, and about the world. Aaric Hale also wants to contribute to the popularization of science and communicate ideas across the globe.