11 Slowest Animals in the World

At one side there are many lands and aerial animals whose running and flying speed is even more than many normal vehicles and at the other side of the picture there are also dozens of others whose popularity is only because of having very slow speed. The reasons behind these animals being slowest is their weight and those that are not too bulky are very lazy and most of their day time spend in sleeping up to eighteen hours. Here is the list of those slowest animals that are in the shape of land animals, birds, fish, etc.

1. Seahorse

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Seahorse is the first slowest animal in the world overall and also the slowest water animals as well. Range in size from 0.6 inches to 14.0 inches, the maximum speed of Seahorse is only five feet despite the fact that it leaves in water where there is not so much concept about the weight. For its slowest speed in the world, Seahorse is also called as the poor swimmer. The reason behind being slowest is their laziness. If you are a diver then you must have observed that most of the time Seahorse found resting holding on to a stationary object with its prehensile tail. This small marine fish belongs to the family of Syngnathidae. Because its head has resemblance with the land horse it is called as Seahorse.

2. Starfish

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After the Seahorse, Starfish is the second slowest overall animal and sea animal in the world. The sand star that is also known as the Luidia Foliolata can travel at maximum speed of 2.8 meters in a minute. However, the overall average speed of all type of starfishes is only six inches per minute. Because of having five arms around a central disc, Starfish is called as the Starfish. Some of the species of that marine invertebrates have even a larger number of arms. Starfish belongs to the class of Asteroidean. At present there are almost 1,500 species of the Starfish and most of them are found in the depth of almost 6,000 meters below the surface.

3. Garden Snail

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With the scientific name of Cornu Aspersum and the common name of Garden Snail, the next slowest animal in the world is from the species of the land snail named Garden Snail. The speed of the Garden Snail largely depends upon its size. Generally, the Garden Snail with large size can move at the speed of 47 meters per hour. The reason behind its slowest speed is because its forwarding motion has a zero velocity with respect to the ground that assists him covering the distance of 47 meters in an hour. This can be also said as that the Garden Snail can move at the maximum speed of 1.3 centimeters in a second. However, in addition to speed limitation, this animal is known for moving in any angel.

4. Banana Slug

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Banana Slug, a bright yellow and shell-less mollusk that is also called as the slowest mollusk can move at the speed of less than a centimeter in a minute. In term of the mollusk is the slowest mollusk in the world, however, overall this slowest animal is at the third position in the list of slowest animals in the world. Most of the time it is found in the yellow color, however, sometimes it is spotted with brown color as well. As its shape is exactly like a ripe banana, that’s why it is named as the Banana Slug. This American species belongs to the family of Ariolimacidae. The three popular species of Banana Slug are California Banana Slug, Pacific Banana Slug, and Slender Banana Slug.

5. Sloth

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Sloth is the second slowest animal in the world. This medium-sized mammal can cover the speed of two meters in one minute and the maximum speed of this slowest animal is only four meter per minutes that is in cases of having danger from a predator. However, this then results in burning of a large amount of energy. The reason for being slowest animals is that the Sloths like to sleep on average fifteen to eighteen hours each day. This long rest ultimately make them the lazy and that’s why they are known as one of the slowest animals on the planet. Sloth belongs to the Megalonychidae family and to the Bradypodidae family that are separated for having two-toed sloth and three-toed sloth respectively.

6. Galapagos Tortoise

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Galapagos Tortoise that is often called as the Giant Galapagos Tortoise is the next slowest animal in the world. Galapagos Tortoise can move at the speed of 0.25 miles per hour on land. However, in water, it can move at the double speed of that and even much faster than this one speed. However, still the Galapagos Tortoise is the one of the slowest animals in the world. The reason behind their slowness is its heavy weight that can be up to 417 kilograms. Most of the Galapagos Tortoise found in the Indian Ocean can even weigh over 500 kilograms. Galapagos Tortoise belongs to the Animalia family of Testudinidae. Their current status is that it is in the threatening position and the International Union for Conservation of Nature as also declared it vulnerable.

7. Koala Bear

A cute and smiley face animal just like Sloth; it is Koala Bear that is the next slowest animal in the list of the slowest animal in the world. In addition to being one of the slowest animals in the world, Koala Bear is also known as one of the laziest animals in the world who can easily sleep up to twenty hours a day. There is no official speed record of the Koala Bear. But most of the zoologist have of the point of view that Koala Bear can move at the speed nearly equal to the speed of a rabbit. But this can’t be true. However, Koala Bear speed can range in few kilometers per hour. Found in the color of grey, grey-brown, white and black, Koala Bear has three species. Top speed of Koala Bea can be said two miles per hour.

8. Gila Monster

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Gila Monster is from the species of venomous lizard and is the slow moving and having lowest lizard sprint speeds. Gila Monster is native to the Southwestern United States and the Mexican state of Sonora. Most of the species of Gila Monster are harmful to the human being and just like its other species, Gila Monster can be harmful to the human beings but as it moves very slow, it possess the little threat to humans. It can move at the speed of nearly ten miles per hour only in case of sand land. On rough land, it moves at very slow speed. Gila Monster is the only venomous lizard that is native to the Southwestern United States and one of only two species of venomous lizards that found in the North America. Gila Monster is from the family of Helodermatidae.

9. Manatee

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Manatee is a marine animal that is a large aquatic relative to the African elephant. The other name of Manatee is sea cows. Despite the fact that Manatee is a graceful swimmer in coastal rivers and waters but still it move at very low speed because of its massive bulk. It can move at the maximum speed of nineteen miles per hour. The average healthy Manatee can often weight over 500 kilograms and can grow in length of up to 4.5 meters. Most of the time it spend in shallow water or grazing on plants in warm. With a life span of almost fifty to seventy years, the top speed of Manatee is about thirteen miles per hour. The Scientific name of Manatee is Trichechus Manatu and it belongs to the family of Trichechidae.

10. American Woodcock

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With the scientific name of Scolopax Minor, American Woodcock is the next slowest animal in the world. In term of aerial animal, it is also one of the slowest aerial animals in the world. American Woodcock is native to the North America that is why named as the American Woodcock. Most of the time spend with this aerial animal on the ground in brushy, and young forest habitats. It can fly at a speed of almost 20 miles per hour that is enough. But when we make the comparison of American Woodcock with other aerial animals then we can say, American Woodcock, a one of the slowest animals in the world. American Woodcock belongs to the family of Scolopacidae.

11. Loris

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Meet the last slowest animal of the list that is known as the Loris. Loris is the native to the India, Sri Lanka and also found in some Southeast Asian parts as well. This species is known for having slow speed as compared to the other animals of its species. The scientific name of Loris is strepsirrhine primates and it belongs to the family of the Lorisidae. It moves at the faster speed at the trees when it move at fast speed across branches. However, when it comes to the land then it speeds decrease up to much extent. Most of the people think that all Loris moved slowly but the investigations revealed that there are only few who can move at very slow speed.

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