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10 Strange Mayans Facts

Every civilization from the past had some distinct features. Nile and Indus Basin civilizations had their own distinctive features. One of the most important civilization in human history is Mayans. Many strange and distinctive things existed in their society. Following are some of the things which were strange in their society.

1. Jewelry

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The discovery of Mayans was made possible because of discovery of strange kind of jewelry from their site. Which shows that they were very fond of jewelry. But every person had not access to jewelry as it was commonly made of gold and jade which was costly. But however, rich people would buy them and were used in the parties and weddings. The discovery of jade in the jewelry makes one to believe that they also traded heavily on jade.

2. Advanced Writing skills

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Mayans were advanced and educated people. They knew how to write stories and long writings. Their language was hieroglyphs. Every person was able to write and read but only noble and literary people were able to write the lengthy paragraphs and stories and they were hired by the kings for this purpose. They used the bark of trees as copies on which they wrote. This is due to reason that they tried to think of anything like press, otherwise advancement they had would probably had caused them to invent a press machine.

3. Mayans End

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Like Mayans life, their eradication is also a mystery. They almost disappeared after 1697 from the map of the world. The reason of their end is still much unknown. However, it is thought that Spanish played a dirty game against them and used the tactics of biology to remove them. They put a virus in their community which engulfed the whole society one by one. But this is one of the story which is not supported by any fact. The Mayans end is one of the mystery, the modern world is trying to solve.

4. Human Sacrifice

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Mayans believed that sacrifice of pure soul would please their gods and they would bless Mayans with wealth and prosperity. To find that pure soul they would kill the child at sighting of planet Venus. They would kill them in a ceremony and after killing the child, it was celebrated as like some place is conquered. This situation was pathetic in Mayans. Today Mayans descendants still exist and though this practice doesn’t exist today, they shed the blood of animals. This is still due to believe that gods would be happy by this and they would be blessed with wealth and power.

5. Use of Pian killer

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Many people use painkillers in everyday life. This is because of the reason that they cause relief. But they were also used in Mayans religion. The discovery of remaining of their things have showed the use of tobacco and peyote etc. The Mayans poetry and religious carvings also shows that the use of these products were common in their society. This is very mesmerizing that Mayans were aware of the medical properties of these types of products. Which shows that Mayans were very advanced in field of medicine.

6. Sweat baths

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Mayans were fond of sweat baths. This is due to their keen interest in medicine. And it was because of medicine that they knew that sweat can eliminate many diseases from a body of a human. For sweat baths, special types of rooms were built in rocks with very small opening at the top. Water at hot rocks produced steam which was led into bathing rooms which caused sweating. Mothers and sick people were asked to take a sweat bath. They believed that sweat bath would erase all the impurities a man has in his body. They believed that removal of those impurities would remove their ailments.

7. Deadly Ball game

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Mayans actively took interest in games. They initiated many games and new games concepts. One of those, is a ball game. The ball used was eight pound heavy. And was slightly larger than basketball. All body part were allowed to touch the ball except hands and feet. Any tactic to defeat the opponent was allowed which often resulted in death. This fact makes a possible assumption that there were no civilian laws in Mayans society and therefore, this thing led to violent ball game.

8. Mayan Blue

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The Mayans were the pioneers of many things which we use in our daily life. The different things which Mayans invented have been discovered from time to time. But there are still some things which do not make sense. A blue color which has been used in many Mayans paintings is very fascinating and strange in a sense that it does not deteriorates with time. The reason is special chemical characteristics used in its composition. Because of deep interest of Mayans in Alchemy, they were able to pioneer many such things.

9. Medical Techniques

There was a proper and noble profession of medicine in ancient Mayans. The individual from the society was selected on the basis of genius and religion. The selected individual was then sent for higher and prime education after which he would become a doctor to treat. From the ancient material found, it is assumed that that they were very skilled in the field of medicine. They could treat dentistry, broken bones, sorcery etc. They usual way of treatment included religion as well.

10. Children’s features

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Mayans were very unusual people with very unordinary thoughts. They wanted their children to be extra ordinary in their appearance and characteristics. For making their appearance distinct, a common practice was to press the babies’ forehead so that children may have a straight head. Another common practice was to dangle the cross on new born babies’ eyes so that they may have permanently crossed eyes. They wanted their teeth to be pointed to eat meat with ease. Every day of a year was named distinct and every new baby was named by the day he was born. These types of traditions were common in upper class of Mayans. But in lower classes they were not strictly followed.

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