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10 Tallest Mountains in the World

Mountains are the heavy solid rocky structures on the earth. Aside from presenting the beautiful sights and wonderful sceneries, they are very hard to climb. But some people have dreams to climb the tallest mountain in the world. In this dream, they can do whatever it takes to climb the tallest mountain. In the following we will talk about the 10 tallest mountains in the world;

1. Mount Everest

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Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain as its height is high 8848 meters. It is located on the border of China and Nepal. Although it is tallest mountain in the world but it is not the hardest mountain to climb at. Many people in the world have tried to climb the mountain but many others have failed badly. The most famous incident occurred when British climbers George and Andrew went out of sight after being sighted at the top of the mountain. The body of George was found 1995 at the top. The giant mountain was first successfully climbed in 1953.

2. K2

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The original name of K2 is mount Goodwin Austin. It is located on the border of Pakistan and China. Its highest peak is about 8611 meters high. It is the most difficult mountain in the world to climb at. The death rate on this mountain is extremely very high. It can be estimated that out of every four people who try to climb on this mighty mountain, one man dies. Till today, 306 people have successfully climbed the peak but 80 deaths have been recorded as well. It was first successfully climbed by Italian mountaineers in 1954.

3. Kangchenjunga

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It is widely known as the five treasures of the high snow because of its mighty size and length and because of its five peak. With the highest peak of about 8586 meters, it is world 3rd tallest mountain. It is located in Indian state of Sikkim on the border of India and Nepal. It is the highest mountain in the India. As India is largely made of Hindus, this mountain was worshiped for centuries. Although a large number of people have tried to climb it, no body has set a foot on the highest point because of the sacred nature and respect of the mountain amongst the people of Sikkim. It was first climbed in 1955 by American Mountaineers.

4. Lhotse

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With a height of 8516 meters, it is world 4th tallest mountain in the world. It is located on the south of Mount Everest Mountain on the border of Tibet and Nepal. It is the deadliest mountain in the world as it is the steepest mountain in the world. The slope can be imagined by noting that it is two miles high but only 1.4 miles long. The first climb on this mountain took place in 1956. Since then approximately 371 plus mountaineers have come there to climb it, out of them 20 people died. Both these figures have risen to a great extent since 2008.

5. Makalu

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This giant mountain is also known as the big black or Maha-kala. It is located in Himalaya region on the border of Nepal and China. With a height of 8463 meters, it is 5th tallest mountain in the world. It is very beautiful in shape and when photographed, it serves as a perfect scenery. From a distance, its shape is like a diamond like pyramid. It is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb at in the whole world. It was first climbed by French mountaineers in 1955.

6. Cho Oyu

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Located at about 20 kilometers west of Mount Everest, it is approximately on the border of Tibet and Nepal. Also called as Turquoise Goddess because of its color, it height is about 8201 meters. It is easiest mountain in the world with a height of over 8000 meters to be climbed at. The reason is the gradual gradient on the mountain which help to easily ascent and descent. It was first climbed by Austrian climbers. Mexican climber Carlos Carsoloio has made a record on this mountain to climb the peak in just 18 hours and 45 minutes.

7. Dhaulagiri I

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With a maximum peak of 8167 meters, it is world’s 7th tallest mountain. It is located in the Nepal region and a part of Himalayas. Known as the beautiful White Mountain, it is located 21 miles west to Annapurna. It was discovered in 1808 and when it was discovered it was believed to be the world’s tallest mountain. This mountain is extremely difficult to climb but difficulty is not due to its difficult circuit but because of strong weather up there. It was very first climbed bin 1960 .Many accidents have occurred on this mountain most horrific among them is when 5 Americans were killed in their efforts to climb the mountain.

8. Manslu

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Known as the king of the spirit, this mountain with a maximum peak of 8156 meters is the 8th tallest mountain in the whole world. Located in the Himalayas region in Nepal, much of the area around it has been recently labelled as the conservation area to protect the climate around it. Much of the area around it is used as the agricultural land. It stands alone in this area and this makes it very easily identifiable. It was first climbed by the Japanese climbers. There is very popular trekking circuit around this mighty mountain which makes it very easy to climb at.

9. Nanga Parbat

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The Nanga Parbat with its height of about 8126 meters is world’s ninth tallest mountain in the whole world. Located in the Gilgit Baltistan region in Pakistan, it is extremely great and Giant Mountain to look at. The sheer size makes it even more giant and it gives it spending look. It is one of the most difficult mountains to climb in the world. Because of extreme weather at the top in other season but summer, it I suitable for expedition only in summer otherwise it can cause a disaster. Till today only 22 different expeditions have attempted on this mountain.

10. Annapurna I

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The tenth highest mountain peak in the world is located in Nepal. Its name is Annapurna. Another mighty mountain peak Kali Gandaki is just in its west. On the north and east is long Marshyangdi River. On the south it is bounded by Pokhara Valley. Among the most difficult peaks in the world, Annapurna is one of them. Fatality rate is highest on this mountain. Because of this, it is also called the goddess of the harvest. It was first climbed in 1950 by French man. Till today, there are 191 successful attempts with 61 deaths. The exact height is about 8091 meters.

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